The 10 Grossest Indiana Jones Moments: Where Does Crystal Skull Rank?

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10. Aging Ungracefully, The Last CrusadePity poor millionaire bastard Walter Donovan. He assumes the grail handed to him by Nazi slut Elsa is the Grail, drinks from it, and learns he chose poorly when he grows old in about 30 seconds. Besides the traditional white hair and wrinkles, this includes having his eyes fall back in his skull and his flesh turn to dust, all lovingly seen on screen.

When you think of Indiana Jones, chances are you think of action, adventure, fedoras, and a whip used in solely non-sexual pursuits. You probably don't think about how totally disgusting the Indiana Jones movies are. But in fact, the three original Indy movies have at least as many scenes of heart-stopping grodey-ness as breathtaking adventure. By Rob Bricken

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