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Eyes, Hearts and Body Parts: An Immersive Art Exhibit at MegaFauna

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Eyes, Hearts and Body Parts is the collaborative effort of two of Denver's most unapologetic creators, Koko Bayer and Thomas Scharfenberg. While the show boasts a ton of Scharfenberg's creations that incorporate modes all his own – like colorful objects dipped in foam and splashed with neon pain – it also boasts a room that, floor to ceiling, stimulates the senses, and where Bayer's work is intertwined with that of Scharfenberg's. Their complex voices are balanced in one space. Using metal, reclaimed objects, paint, wheat pastes, lights, smooth jazz, scents and cereal, Eyes, Hearts and Body Parts makes you feel all the feels; it is Meow-Wolf-esque. You're in Bayer and Scharfenberg's world, and the jazz will be stuck in your head long after you walk out.

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