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10 Things to Do for $10 in Denver This Weekend (6 Free!), February 6-8

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Lindy Hop & Libations at Infinite Monkey Theorem (Friday, free) If you're going to do anything indoors this weekend, it should be dancing. It should always be dancing. Do whatever it takes to get up to the urban winery, and learn some Lindy hop. It's First Friday after all, so after learning a few steps, explore the art throughout the neighborhood.

My Teenage Angst at Museum of Contemporary Art Denver (Friday, $5) Black Sheep Fridays are back, and they're so hot, right now. For five bucks you get to check out the Myopia exhibit, and in tonight's case -- learn some deep dark secrets of other museum goers. My Teenage Angst, the show where audience members read their adolescent journals aloud, will provide the entertainment for the evening. Sources say you do not need a journal to participate, but like, who doesn't walk around without their high school burn book in their back pocket anyway? Don't be a wallflower, ya square, get on that stage and let it out.

Art of Winter Closing Party at Battery621 (Friday, free) The good folks that spruced up downtown and the airport with artistic skis and snowboards, say goodbye to their run tonight. It's hard to believe how far this little public art exhibition has come in only five years, so head down to Battery 621 tonight and give them all a pat on the back, and encourage them to make next year's show even bigger. The party is in the Art District on Santa Fe, and it is First Friday, so knock out a whole night of entertainment by coming down.

Bad Times Extravaganza: The Reloadening at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse (Friday, $5) No matter how bad you have it, somebody, somewhere, has it worse. That's a simple fact of life. Tonight, you can commiserate, and laugh, at the misfortune of others. Sam Talent and Ryan Mattingly bring back the psychotherapy comedy show where someone tells a tale of the worst thing that's ever happened to them, and comedians Christie Buchele, Stephen Agyei and Kevin O'Brien make breakthrough discoveries of where it all went wrong for their subject and perform skits tailored to the situation. It might bring you down, but with these goofballs brand of comedy, it's sure to bring you right back up.
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