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10 Things to Do for $10 in Denver This Weekend (7 Free!), September 12-14

There's a chill in the air and it's just about time to drive up to the mountains and see the leaves changing color. But there's plenty to do in town, too, including several community parties with beer and music. You can also chase Bigfoot or rub elbows with some legendary professional skateboarders. We can't fit everything on the list so check out the Westword calendar for more events. And if we missed anything, tell us in the comments below.

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Goldrush Music Fest Kick-Off at Dikeou Pop-Up (Friday, free) You might not know much about atmospheric avant-folk or ritual drone music, but you can educate yourself tonight at the Dikeou Pop-Up. Kick off the Goldrush Music Festival with jams from the bands Laughing Eye Weeping Eye, Of Earth and Sun and Hot Congress DJ Justin Couch.

Comic Art Fest at Escape Velocity (Saturday, free) This neat little comic shop in Colorado Springs is giving the public a chance to check out what's going on in the comic world. Shake hands with DC Comics artist Kenneth Rocafort and about thirty more people affiliated with the scene. Live drawings, demonstrations and live music should make it worth the trip down south.

Ridgefest at Ridge at 38 (Saturday, free) Highland isn't the only neighborhoods that has a cool stretch of 38th Avenue. Find your way east to the Wheat Ridge part of the strip for a fun day of festivities. For the kids there's field day games and face painting, and for bigger kids, there's a homebrew tasting and contest, which goes until the taps run dry. Check out the schedule for a full list of all the fun.

Young Professional's Alzheimer's Association of Colorado Cornhole Tournament at The Dive Inn (Saturday, $10) Cornhole, once relegated only to backyards and bars, seems to be gaining in popularity -- and it makes for good competition. Even better, though, is playing for a cause. Make sure to register online, and toss your way into great prizes, for a good cause. Taste of Alamo Placita at Alamo Placita Park (Saturday, free) Meet the neighbors this weekend at this little park get-together. Buy and sample food from neighborhood eateries and dance in the grass to some live music. It should be a fun way to experience a new side of town, or to get to know the neighborhood better. Yarn Along The Rockies at Denver Metro Area (Saturday, free) Crawls are a hot trend for drunks and zombies, but crawls for knitting is something you can really get hooked into. Crotchet your way all over the city collecting stamps at all 24 participating yarn shops, for a chance to win balls of prizes.

3rd Annual Spirits of Colorado Paranormal Convention at Central City (Saturday, $5-$10) Halloween is almost here, but you can get a jump start on ghoul season by heading to Central City for this convention. And if you're more of a UFO or Bigfoot chaser, there will be discussions for you as well. Whatever your paranormal fascination, check out the schedule for more than thirty activities which all cost under $10.

Chocolate 20 Years at Super Ordinary (Saturday, free) Chocolate Skateboards is one of the strongest and most respected skateboarder owned companies which has been in the game for twenty years. From designing the logo, to his iconic sketches of urban landscape and vehicles, Denver-based artist Evan Hecox has been with the brand since day one. See how far a piece of wood with wheels can take a person at the gallery reception tonight, as well as other relics from the team. Bonus: The Chocolate team will put on a demo at Rail Bender Skatepark on Sunday. Boulder Green Streets Ciclovia at Boulder Green Space (Sunday, free) Sunday's usually offer farmers markets, which might be a block or two long. Boulder is putting that on an extreme wheat grass shot and turning it into a three-mile party. Check out the long stretch of live music, urban tennis, food and dancing. Even those goofy B-cycles will be free during the event to help get you around quicker.

Lucha Libre & Laughs at The Oriental Theater (Sunday, $10) There's no reason to turn it down on Sunday. Sure, you have to go back to work on Monday, but you're going to want to have something cool to talk about over the water cooler: comedy from local jokers like Nathan Lund and Sam Tallent and wrestling with the WWE's first one-legged professional wrestler Zach Gowen. The whole night supports a good cause, so go enjoy yourself.

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