10 things to do for $10 this Super Bowl weekend, February 4-6, 2011

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After a week of cold and snow, Friday couldn't have come soon enough. It's a good thing it's the first of the month too, because that means there is plenty to do for folks willing to venture off into the chilly night. It also means it's Super Bowl weekend, and for anyone who hates football, that means one thing: a day where all the stores and shops around town are quiet, making it the perfect day for sports-hating hermits to venture out into the world. Fancy Tiger Grand Reopening at Fancy Tiger Clothing (Friday, free) Fancy Tiger has been on a steady rise since it first opened, but this weekend the craft and clothing shop will be celebrating its new digs with a bang. The usual fair of handmade merchandise will be around, but Andy Butler will also be stopping in for a DJ set. It's a bigger space and lends itself to larger parties, so tonight's the night you get to find out for yourself.

Repetitious at Sketch Wine Bar (Friday, free) Repetitious opened on Tuesday night, but with the sub-zero temperatures, there's a pretty good chance you didn't make it down Broadway to check out the show. Thankfully, it'll be up all month. Good news for you, because Joe Findeiss' work is something to behold. His art tends to straddle the line between hip-auteur and Colorado-cana in a way that manages to be as enjoyable to look at as it is to touch. It'll be well worth a quick stop-off on your way through the variety of First Friday openings on Broadway.

Fashion Denver Anniversary Bash at Fashion Denver Showroom (Friday, free) Fashion Denver will be celebrating a wide array of things tonight, but mostly it's about throwing a party to spread the joy of one of Denver's most beloved fashion staples. There are some big plans for Fashion Denver in the works for the future, but heading down there tonight will net you free music and some free party. Reconstructed at Black Book Gallery (Friday, free) Speaking of this First Friday hoo-ha, those of you planning on hitting up the Santa Fe strip won't want to miss the opening reception of Reconstructed. Featuring art by the very talented David Soukup, this exhibition is the very definition of urban. His nearly photo-realistic stencil art is truly a site to behold. Neal Cassady Birthday Bash at Mercury Café (Friday, free) If you don't know who Neal Cassady was, you're doing something wrong. On the Road should probably be required reading upon entry into Denver, as Cassady -- featured in the Kerouac novel as Dean Moriarty -- was a major player and influence on the entire Beat generation. If you've somehow missed out or if you just want to celebrate his existence, tonight's the night to do so at the Merc. Follow us on Twitter! Every Good Cowboy at Pirate: Contemporary Art (Friday, free) If there are two things we know for sure about Denver: that we love our barbecue almost as much as our cowboys. Good thing those two things are combined at Pirate tonight, because that sounds like a picture perfect way to end a miserably cold week. On the walls will be Western-inspired art from Matthew Doubek and Samuel Mobley, as well as barbecue being cooked up throughout the night. Yee-haw (sorry)! The 7th Annual Mustache Festival at Vesta Dipping Grill (Saturday, free) Mustaches are not only a clever and reasonable fashion statement; they can also be used as a historical timeline to uncover trends and world events. Hell, they can even be used to raise money for the Make-a-Wish foundation -- at least that's the premise behind Vesta's annual mustache party. Stop in, grab a drink and don't wipe that beer from your 'stache all night long. '80s and '90s Retro/Goth Night at Milk Bar (Saturday, $5) We're well aware it's been damn cold lately, which means even the most risque of people haven't had a chance to show off their tight bods at the club without worrying about frostbite. That's what Retro and Goth nights are for, though -- there's nothing warmer than a pair of leather pants, tall boots and a leather jacket. Tonight's your chance to go out in style without worrying about the cold.

Denver Zine Library Super Bowl Chili Cookoff at Denver Zine Library (Sunday, $3-$5) If you're looking for something to do to get away from the TV during the Super Bowl, then look no further than the Denver Zine Library's Chili Cookoff. Somewhat ironically, there is nothing that goes better (save for beer, perhaps) than chili and football, but this event is all about the chili contest, not the commercials football.

Go out and do whatever the hell you want (Sunday, free-$10) Super Bowl Sunday is the best non-holiday to go out and do whatever the hell you want without having to deal with crowds. You can go to empty parks, walk through empty malls, even go out to empty restaurants and get the best damn service you've ever had. If you're not a fan of football, enjoy it while you can.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.