10 things to do for $10 this weekend, April 1-3, 2011

While you might want to spend your day pulling pranks on your coworkers, that doesn't mean you don't still have a full weekend ahead of you. It's okay if you spent all your money on whoopee cushions (we did), because since its First Friday, there are tons of events to hit up on the cheap this weekend. In fact, more than half of them are free, which means more money for whoopee cushions with a bit left over for fake poop. Jeremy and Melanie Pruitt Crawlspace at Black Book Gallery (Friday, free) Crawlspace is our favorite type of art show, because it features two artists who work in entirely different mediums. It's like you get to walk into two different galleries at once. Jeremy Pruitt will be exhibiting some of his wooden creations, whereas Melanie will be showing off some intricate line drawings. If you're hitting up the Santa Fe district tonight, you're not going to want to miss this one. Fin Art Furniture Show at Fancy Tiger Clothing (Friday, free) Generally speaking, when we think of First Friday art shows, we think of exhibitions of paintings, drawing and the occasional sculpture, but tonight at Fancy Tiger you'll have a chance to check out some kick-ass handmade furniture. No, we're not talking about the time you build that table that's sitting in the backyard; this is high-end, fancy-shmancy furniture, like the stars have. Tim McKay and Jim Olson at SYNC Gallery (Friday, free) Since this show originally opened up a couple of weeks ago, you might have missed the big opening because you were too busy not hanging out on Santa Fe Drive. However, since you'll most assuredly be up there this weekend, you'll want to pop in to check out the paintings, which fall somewhere in line with neo-abstract-expressionist. If that's no good for you, you might enjoy some of the three-dimensional work on display as well.

AWE Collective Group Show at AWE Collective Gallery (Friday, free) While AWE Gallery is a bit off the usual Santa Fe loop (literally, it's in an alley off 2nd Avenue and Santa Fe), that ends up being part of its charm. The AWE Collective Group Show isn't exactly outsider art, but it's certainly out of the ordinary. Stopping in will net you a chance to check out ten different artists who work in a variety of mediums, meaning it's certainly not going to be a boring trip.

Ray Tomasso and Brian Cavanaugh at Ice Cube Gallery @ Dry Ice Factory (Friday, free) This show is probably one of the stranger ones going on this month -- at least based on the descriptions alone. Ray Tomasso has some cast-paper paintings made with blue jeans rendered in pulp, and Brian Cavanaugh will be showing off found objects rendered as sculptures. It should be an interesting show to say the least. Boards for Kids at 3 Kings Tavern (Friday, $6) Okay this is the last art show (for Friday at least), but this one is a bit of a doozy. Featured on the walls of 3 Kings Tavern will be forty different artists renditions on skateboards, all of which will be purchasable for the very reasonable sum of $100. All proceeds (including that door charge) go directly to Art Builds Communities.

Denver Style Expo at Denver Merchandise Mart (Friday-Saturday, $10)

Denver Style Expo is exactly what it sounds like -- two days of fashion-conscious events, vendors and workshops. Amazingly, this is the first time an event like this has been attempted on a scale this large, so if you like the idea, you'll want to be sure to make it out to the Denver Merchandise Mart this weekend, not just to score some sweet new threads, but to support what could quickly become a Colorado tradition.

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Anniversary Open House at EvB Studio Collection (Saturday, free) Making art is often time-consuming and difficult, but it doesn't always have to be. That's why Marie Gibbons has flipped over a new moniker, ARTwaitress, a title she hopes will let people know that EvB Studio is open for people who want to come and learn a new art style as quickly as they could grab a bit to eat. Tonight is the anniversary of the studio, as well as an open house, if you'd like to see the types of projects you might soon be getting yourself into.

Fortwinest: Installation Art Show at Glob (Saturday, $5) This one's a bit curious, as it's equal parts art installation and rock show. Artists Ali Rossi and Kee Kopps will be transforming the small warehouse-ish space into some type of mystical dreamscape which may or may not include bunny rabbits. From there, chilled-out musicians will provide the soundtrack. It sounds like it'll be a trippy Saturday night.

Will Vinton Public Lecture at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design (Saturday, free) You'll need to RSVP for this one, but once you do, you'll be privy to a presentation by one of the greatest minds in animation. Will Vinton is commonly known as the inventor of Claymation and has gone on to create some of the most recognizable characters in history, including The California Raisins, the M&Ms and the 'Noid.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.