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10 things to do for $10 this weekend, April 15-17, 2011

This weekend is jam-packed with lots of expensive gathering and events, but for those looking to live life on the edge of a Hamilton, we've got you covered. With StarFest in town this weekend, a couple theaters are following suit with science-fiction themed classic movie showings, but for the less geek-inclined among us we also have a few art shows, poetry readings and our favorite event of the weekend, owl-poop dissection.

Writer's Buzz: Art Sparks Art -- Inspiration That Cuts Across Disciplines at Walker Fine Art (Friday, free) This one takes a little bit to explain the premise of, but the short of it goes something like this: Poets wrote some poems based on an art installation. That's not really giving enough credit where credit is due, but it should give you enough of an idea to know this should be a cool event with a lot of different activities.

Sound Paintings with the Playground Ensemble at Flobots Community Space (Friday, free) Soundpainting isn't an exact science and neither are dates -- so this month's experiment will be going down on a Friday instead of a Thursday. Still, you can expect the same crazy group improvisation as you usually would, and with a big area like the Flobots Community Space, it should be a fun time. Just make sure you get your fa-la-la-la's out before you arrive.

Lynne Bryant at Tattered Cover Book Store -- Highlands Ranch (Friday, free) Colorado-based author Lynne Bryant is celebrating the release of her debut novel, Catfish Alley, tonight at 7:30 p.m. in Highlands Ranch. The book tells the story of female friendship, endurance and hope and is sure to rile up a few tears in the process.

Zero-Zero: new works from Jason Thielke at David B. Smith Gallery (Friday, free) Jason Thielke's art isn't predictable; he's grown as an artist over the years and, in turn, has begun to develop his own distinctive style. His work on display tonight shows a lot of that diversity, with pieces created using colored pencils, graphite, image transfers and more. The third weekend of the month isn't typically an art-centric one, so if you've been jonesing for some art gallery fun, this is your best bet.

The Watching Hour: Slither at Denver FilmCenter/Colfax (Friday. $9.75) If you've never seen Slither, you're in for a super-campy but totally awesome treat. The film follows the epically jawed Nathan Fillion as he helps a band of small-town weirdos band together to fight off an alien invasion from creepy but hilarious leech-like things. It's a send-up of the B-movies of yesteryear, but it's done with the reverence and respect of a true fan.

Midnight Madness: Alien at Esquire Theatre (Friday-Saturday, $7.25) Can you tell there is a big science fiction convention in town this weekend? Both of the big late-night movies are sci-fi and both are featuring classics in their own respect. For the Esquire's part, they'll be showing one of the greatest movies of all time, Alien. If you can't afford to get over to StarFest this weekend, this is the next best thing.

Phoenix Phasion Show at 3 Kings Tavern (Saturday, free) Saturday is going to be a busy day at 3 Kings Tavern. Kicking off the night will be a fashion show presented by Fast Geek Boutique, sure to feature plenty of amazing handcrafted goods. Afterward, rock and roll will happen. It's like you don't even have to leave the bar to get two separate and awesome events.

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Aurora Bike Swap at Bicycle Village (Saturday, free) While you won't be able to snag up a bike for $10 this weekend at the Aurora Bike Swap, you will be able to scope out the scene and get a good idea of what to expect from future events in Boulder and Westminster. The premise is pretty simple: People bring in bikes on consignment, Bicycle Village techs check them out to confirm they're safe to ride off the lot and you buy them at incredibly cheap prices.

4th Annual Parr-Widener Walk/Run at East High School (Saturday, free/donation) Spring is finally starting to really settle in, which means you're running out of excuses for sitting around watching Twin Peaks all day long. What better way to ring in the new season then to take part in a little stroll through City Park? All proceeds go directly to the A+ Angels Mentor Program to provide scholarships to students.

Owl Pellet Dissection and Identification at Castlewood Canyon State Park (Sunday, free) Just so we're all on the same page, pellets, in this case, mean poop. So if you've ever wondered how an owl's digestive track works, now might be your only chance to find out. You'll get to join naturalist Fran Tate as he takes you out on a short hike to find the whoo-poo, then you'll return indoors to take an inside peak to try to distinguish what the owl had for dinner. Sounds tasty.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.