10 things to do for $10 this weekend, April 29 - May 1, 2011

The monthly transitional weekend is one of our favorite types of weekends. It's like you enter the weekend thinking to yourself, "Gee, April is great," and by the end of it you're like, "Shit, it's May already?" It's a bit jarring, really. While you're busy writing out those rent checks, you're probably wondering how the hell you're going to have any fun this weekend after paying off the man, and thankfully, we've got you covered in spades. Most of the events on the list this weekend are free, meaning no matter how little cash is in your pocket, you should be able to still have a good time.

Fast Geek Boutique Grand Opening at Fast Geek Boutique (Friday, free) Fast Geek Boutique is celebrating their new digs at 321 West 11th Avenue tonight by throwing a party. Music, art and plenty of shopping can be had at the new location, and if we know these guys as well as we think we do, lots of adult beverages will be available as well.

heARTS to Japan at INDYINK (Friday, free) We've seen our fair share of benefits for victims of the Japanese earthquake here in the state, but that doesn't mean we can't always use a few more. heArts of Japan manages to hit your consumer bone and your empathy bone all at once. With an auction of original and often Japanese-inspired art, you'll be walking away with some new decorations for your digs and a heart filled with good spirit.

PostSecret at Foothills Art Center (Friday, free) PostSecret was originally a small-scale project that invited strangers to write down and mail in their biggest secrets anonymously to artist Frank Warren. Then it became a bit of a phenomenon, with books, blogs and a traveling exhibition. On display tonight will be some selections from PostSecret in conjunction with an exhibition called INTENTION: The Nude. Sounds like the two should play well together.

Gr@wlix at Avenue Theater (Friday, $7) We've said it before, but we'll say it again: Gr@wlix is one of the funniest running shows in Denver. That's partially based on the fact it was created by members of Los Comicos Super Hilariousos, but don't let that pedigree fool you: This is an all-new format with a bunch of new people. We've also got word there might be an extra-special guest popping in tonight after his show at a certain comedy club.

Indie Wearable Craft Urban Market at Indie Wearable Craft Urban Market (Friday-Sunday, free) We've got our fair share of craft markets, pop-up stores and other places for local designers to sell their homemade wares, but that doesn't mean we can't add another into the mix. This weekend, Indie Wearable Craft Urban Market will be scratching your clothing itch with a specially catered collection of local designers.

Brown Suga Youth Fest at Crossroards Theater in Five Points (Saturday, free) It's almost surprising that at-risk youth and organic cultivation hadn't come together before the Brown Suga Youth Fest. After all, poorer communities have the most to gain from organic and backyard farming -- where entire backyards can be cultivated into miniature food providers, everyone wins. It won't be all about green thumbs, though; lectures, open-mike sessions and performances will all accent the day.

Simultaneous Chess Exhibition at Colorado Mills (Saturday, $5) Do you think you've got the chops to take on a chess master? Or at least to take on a chess master who happens to be playing against 39 other people at the same time? Those odds are pretty good. Even if your chess skills can be summed up as, "pawns go forward, right?" you'll have a chance to win. After all, masters often claim the most difficult opponent is the clueless amateur. In the Artist's Studio: Brian Comber in Denver Metro Area (Saturday, free) You'll need to preregister to get the address for this event, but once you do, you'll get access to Brian Comber's artwork as well as a look into where he creates and visualizes ideas. If you've ever wondered what it's like to hang out in an artist studio, this is probably your best chance to find out without having to spend the night on your buddy's rancid, paint-covered couch.

Rave to Save at the Denver Marriott Tech Center (Saturday, $10) The title here might be a little misleading, so let's just get this out of the way: This is equal parts mini-anime convention and dance party. DJs will certainly be on hand to keep the placing bumping with lots of J-pop and J-rock, but there will also be a silent auction, carnival games and the most important part, costumes.

May Day Block Party in La Raza Park (38th and Navajo, Sunday, free) Woot! Partyyyyyyy! Oh -- wait, so, this isn't like a get drunk party apparently, but it is a party to celebrate May Day, aka International Workers Day. There will be tons of free entertainment going down, with lots of live music, speakers, workshops and dancers. Plus free food will be on hand, so even if you don't believe in workers rights for some reason, you can still score a taco or whatever.

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