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10 things to do for $10 this weekend, August 19-21, 2011

The weekend is confirmed, and if you're still working right now, you're doing something wrong. Grab yourself a cocktail and get away from the desk this second -- you deserve it. If you're too responsible a worker to just get up and walk away, we still have you covered, even if all those checks are going to boring old mortgage payments. Here's a bunch of stuff to do this weekend on the cheap so you can keep that fancy new IKEA bedframe. Virginia Maitland: Conversations in Color at Sandra Phillips Gallery (Friday, free) If you're sick off all the dull and drab colors in everything nowadays, perhaps a visit to check out Virginia Maitland's art is exactly what you need. It's full of bright colors and abstract views and is sure to keep your attention longer than Transformers did.

Is This How I Look? at tbellphotographic (Friday, free) The title should be a fair indication of what to expect from Is This How I Look?, but if you're still missing something, it's a figurative photography show spotlighting images of people. It's a collection of works from around the world whittled down from 135 different submissions to just 25, so expect some real knockout to be included here. Bearracuda Denver! at Tracks Nightclub (Friday, $8) Called the "furriest party in the U.S.," Tracks is bringing in DJ Matt Consola to rock the burly, sweaty dance floor with his brand of bear-like beats. We don't actually know what any of that means, but we do know it'll be filled with men with beards and that sounds nice and quaint to us.

Soundpainting with the Playground at Artuvus Studios (Friday, free) We've covered the Playground Ensemble's soundpainting before, but if you've never gone, it's an incredibly interesting experience worth taking part in at least once. The premise is that you show up with an instrument or your voice and get directed to play using gestures of all sorts. It's just as accessible and fun for amateurs as it is for pros, so don't worry if your skills are lacking.

Slangology at EDGE Gallery (Friday, free) We can't believe we've never seen something like this before -- Slangology is literal, photographic interpretation of sexual slang phrases. We can't really say much more than that without ruining everything, but be aware this will almost certainly be a hilarious show. Iron Artist Competition at The Other Side Arts (Saturday, $10) The second annual Iron Artist competition is one of the greatest ideas we've ever heard. It basically works like the cooking show, where participating artists are told the medium they'll be working in right when the challenge starts and they get six hours to make something with it. Guilt by Association at Brian Aragon Skate Park (Saturday, free) Like most professionals, skate boarders and BMX legends have a lot of career ups and downs (sorry), which is exactly why they'll be in town today to talk with youngsters about action sports. It will give young fans a chance to meet and talk with real skaters about their lives and how they live them -- we're certain some sweet tricks will be shown off as well.

Denver Relay Race at Track Shack (Saturday, 3 p.m., $10) If skateboards and BMX bikes aren't really your thing, perhaps bikes are. There is no better way to show off your awesome speed and skills than to race on the streets -- and considering this one happens to be a relay, you only have to race half as hard! Or is it twice as hard? Either way, it should be a grand old time.

HUFFS at Dairy Center for the Arts (Saturday, $10) We could handpick plenty of different events going down for the Boulder Fringe Festival this weekend, but instead, we'll pick this one and just urge you to spent the rest of the day in Boulder. Kelsie Huff's HUFFS is a one-woman play about a small portion of her life, with plenty of humor and weirdness mixed into it. From the sound of it, it's probably the most normal thing you'll see at Fringe, but it doesn't make it any less worthwhile. We're certain if you hang around long enough you'll spot a naked man juggling fire while standing on roller coaster cart and singing vegan recipes.

Air Lab: Photography by Will Wilson at Denver Botanic Gardens (Saturday, free with DBG entry) Will Wilson's photos are all about the environment, which make them a perfect fit for the Denver Botanic Gardens, since it's an environment itself. His pictures feature vast open areas and zero in on a number of minor details, making it the type of work you have to stare at for a long while before you can start to really understand it.

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