10 things to do for $10 this weekend, August 27-30, 2010

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Some people will try and tell you that $10 won't get you much these days. To those people, we say "you're wrong, sir," because every weekend in Denver's there is more than enough to do for 10 bucks and less. This weekend there's barbecue in Aspen, the return of a sculpture race, Banging on the Dancefloor and more.

Denver Modernism Show at the National Western Complex (Friday-Sunday): While you won't be able to get into the show on Friday for under $10, Saturday and Sunday won't provide your wallet any trouble. Once you're there, you'll be treated to a vast collection of modern kitsch -- from vintage electronics and a flea market to cars. This might be your only chance to put the words "modernism" and "fun" together in a sentence, so make the most of it. The Sacred Bug and the Insect Opening at Hinderland (Friday): If bugs don't make you jump three feet in the air and squeal, like they do to us, than you'll probably have a great time at this group art show dedicated specifically to the world of insects. The show runs through October, but Friday marks opening night -- your first chance to see some beautiful bug art up close and personal. Untutled #32 at the Denver Art Museum (Friday): Now, this one comes with a bit of a qualifier: the event itself is free, but you need to pay to get into the museum. That said, you can do it on the cheap if you're a student with a special two-for-one deal going on. Once you're there, you'll be afforded the opportunity to witness some wacky events, including burlesque gals posing for a drawing class, a perfume tour, paranormal research and more. Banging the Dancefloor at The Church (Friday): How many excuses do you need to hit up the club and do some dancing? Do you need to know that Banging the Dancefloor has several rooms with several music styles to fit your mood, or that just down the street is their afterhours club? The only thing preventing you from shaking your booty all night long is your own stamina. Chile Harvest Festival at Lakewood's Heritage Center (Saturday-Sunday): It's nearing the end of summer in Colorado and that can only mean one thing: chile time. The Chile Harvest Festival features a couple days worth of fun, from traditional Spanish Colonial art and music to beer from Del Norte Brewing -- oh, and chiles. This marks the first year that there's a chile cook-off to boot, so if you've been telling your friends that you make the "best green chile in town," now is your chance to prove it. Kinetic Sculpture Race at Longmont Union Reservoir (Saturday): It has been two years since we've seen a Kinetic race, and that's two years too long. If you've lived in Colorado, you know what it's all about, but if you didn't: Imagine whacky machines, on water, racing across a reservoir. It's all about the art, design and functionality -- but it's also about the craziness that Coloradans come up with. The Big Aspen Barbecue Block Party in Aspen (Saturday): If you fancy yourself a barbecue connoisseur, then there is no other place in Colorado for you to be this weekend but Aspen. If you're not, well, perhaps some of the best damn barbecue this country has to offer will change your mind. Denver Does Denver at the Meadowlark (Saturday): Sure, it might seem at first like Denver Does Denver is all about music, but that's not the case -- artists will be participating as well. It's a perfect storm of Denver's finest covering Denver's finest, and we can't begin to imagine what kind of art will come out of it. North American Sculpture Exhibition at Foothills Art Center (Friday-Sunday): It's your last weekend to check out the North American Sculpture Exhibition, a collection of the most interesting sculpture work this country has to offer. There's no telling when we'll see something like this here in town again, so be sure to check it out before it's gone. Yoga Rocks the Park! in City Park (Sunday): How are you feeling today? A little sore after walking up a flight of stairs? Does your beer-belly hurt after too many "light" beers? Maybe you need a little exercise, just a little though. Yoga Rocks the Park! has been going all summer, but you've been too lazy to go yet. Now's your chance to get that ass in gear before winter really hits.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.