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10 things to do for $10 this weekend, December 10-12, 2010

Sure, you still need to find a Christmas present or holiday gift for your dad that isn't somehow related to golf, but maybe if you hit up some awesome DJ nights, the Candy Cane Festival or any other event this weekend you'll have a creative spurt and figure out the perfect gift.

That's where we come in, with these ten events this weekend that will cost you less than a Hamilton. Fire up the engine on your Moped and putz your way to these affordable options for weekend entertainment.

Wayne's World Midnight Movie at the Esquire Theater (Friday, $10) Okay, bear with us for a moment while we justify why you should spend your Friday evening watching Wayne's World during the holidays: One of the film's most famous scenes has the cast singing Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" in the car, the number one song in the UK in 1975 during Christmas. So really, you're celebrating Christmas in a very British way if you make it over to the Esquire for the midnight movie. If that justification didn't work, consider the fact Wayne's World is still a great movie and one of the only successful Saturday Night Live films, plus there is no better stress-relief than laughter.

BFA Thesis Exhibition at Center for Visual Art (Friday, free) It's the end of the school year, which means one thing: graduation time. For most people, this involves a big-ass party, but for art students it means it's time to showcase their work (and have a big-ass party). This is the second week of the exhibition, with new artwork from a slew of fresh students. We've seen a bit of it, including some badass hip-hop portraits, ceramics, metaphorical gardens and more from about nineteen different graduating students. These are Denver's freshest faces; catch them now before they get jaded!

Lipgloss: Family Guy Trilogy Screening Party at La Rumba (Friday, free) Usually, people associate Lipgloss with down-and-dirty dance parties, but at 8 p.m. tonight, the atmosphere will be a bit different than usual. In fact, it'll be totally different, as they'll be screening the Family Guy Trilogy, the infamous Fox show's punny Star Wars riff. What's more is that, since this is an absolutely official party, viewers will get a sneak peak at the final installment, and the night will be punctuated with plenty of giveaways and swag. When you're finished laughing, you can keep the fun alive by dancing the night away. Candy Cane Festival at Hammond's Candies (Saturday, free) Nothing says Christmas like carolers, trolley rides, magic tricks and gingerbread cookie-making. Literally, that's pretty much the very definition of Christmas. So if you're keen on getting into some wholesome holiday cheer this weekend, there is absolutely no better way to do it than at Hammond's Candies today.

The Puddle Jumpers Holiday Fantasment at Denver Victorian Theater (Saturday, $6-$12) While it obviously costs a little more than $10 to get into Holiday Fantasment for adults, the fact that kids prices are half that seems like a solid balance. You'll be privy to some great talent from kids ranging in age from seven to seventeen, with a collection of seasonal monologues sure to warm your heart. The bonus is that the whole thing runs a very kid-friendly 45 minutes, meaning you won't have to worry too much about anyone getting bored. TribalTique Holiday Hafla at Grant Avenue Community Theater (Saturday, $5-$10) Of course, sugary-sweet holiday affairs aren't everyone's cup of tea, so if you're looking to make it through the season without turning into Scrooge McDuck but still enjoying more alternative celebrations, TribalTique might be your savior. Instead of elves and Santa, you'll find holiday themed belly-dancing divas; instead of Christmas music, you'll get disco and funk. Now that's our idea of a celebration.

Intifada at Artwork Network (Saturday, free) There's probably nothing better for folks who'd rather mutter, "bah-humbug! There's a revolution taking place and we're buying gifts?" than to hit up Intifida tonight. The show brings together artists from a variety of different revolutionary groups and showcases them all together in a celebration of political and social consciousness. Plus, there's a picture of a giant hand with killer whales flying above it. How cool is that? Dendiggityopolis Superhero Drawing and Writing Contest at Art Students League of Denver (Saturday, free) If you were anything like us when you were a kid, you spent most of your time in math class doodling pictures of superheroes and coming up with origin stories for them. Or maybe we were just weird. Either way, Dendiggityopolis is an art event and contest that showcases kid's superhero artwork and stories. Judging by the rash of reboots, rehashes and bored ideas, we'd venture a guess these kids all have more creativity in a single strand of their hair than all of Hollywood combined. Pancake Fundraiser at 27 Social Centre (2727 W. 27th Ave, Saturday, $5-$15) 27 Social Centre is the non-profit home to the Denver Zine Library, Sent(a)mental Studios, P&L Printing and many, many others. Today, they're throwing a fundraiser -- and they're not looking for much, just a little help to fund new projects and increased heating bills. If you're down for some holiday philanthropy, from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. they'll offer you pancakes in return for donations. Not a bad deal if you ask us, but we tend to spend most of the weekend just following a giant pancake trail across the city.

ArgusFest Fair Trade Holiday Bazaar at Mercury Café (Sunday, free) All right, you've wasted away your whole weekend out having a fun time and not getting any of that Christmas shopping done. No big deal. If you'd like to pick up some socially conscious gifts made by sustainable communities, you need to hit up this holiday bazaar. You'll be able to shop through a ton of products produced safely and ethically from across the globe all while enjoying live music, films and poetry. See? We told you that you didn't need to worry about that holiday shopping.

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