10 things to do for $10 this weekend, June 10-12, 2011

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It's hot, you're cranky and all you want to do is get out of your house for a little while and soak in some culture -- but you've been blasting the A/C all week and you're scared of the incoming Xcel bill. Don't worry: We are too, which is why we've tallied up the best things to do this weekend on the cheap, a list that happens to include nice diversity of activities including art shows, cartoon music, outdoor games and more.

Everything here, $10 or less. See our full weekend calendar here.

Lyons Outdoor Games in Lyons (Friday-Sunday, free-$30) If you've lived in Colorado and have never gone up to Lyons to dick around in the great outdoors, you're seriously doing life wrong. Even if you aren't the type to hit the kayaks and take on the whitewater chaos, there is something for everyone to do up in Lyons this weekend. Hell, you can even just hit up the pinball arcade if you're the type to prefer staying indoors. Wild West Auto Roundup in Downtown Golden (Saturday, free) Even if you're not much of a car buff, there is an unmistakable charm in old-fashioned automobiles. While car nerds will certainly spend their time fawning over the size of an engine, the rest of us will be able to gawk at the finer things about classic cars, like the size of the tail fins. But even if the very sight of cars makes you vomit in your mouth a little, Golden will have plenty of awesome happening today, including a trapeze artist, kayak demonstrations and more. RiNo Art Safari at River North Art District (Saturday, free) The RiNo Art Safari isn't an actual safari, unless you consider venturing into north Denver's art district some type of urban adventure. If you do, then you're in luck, because as you're wandering around you'll be able to pop into any and all of RiNo's more than 100 art studios this afternoon. Kuhn Collaboration Art Show at Marion Street Tattoo and Gallery (1668 Marion, 7:30, Saturday, free) Some times an art show blows our minds with the premise alone. This is one of those occasions. It's going to work like this: Celebrated concert poster artist Lindsey Kuhn created and silkscreened four original pieces of art that will be on display. Then, a collection of Denver's finest picked one of those pieces, took it home and changed 50 percent of it. The halfsies don't stop there; it's extending into the hors d'oeuvres too -- where one chef will start with a bite-sized treat, the next will have to finish it. Hopefully this doesn't extend to the beer. Brewgrass at Old South Pearl Street (Saturday, $5) Even if you don't find yourself particularly fond of bluegrass music, you'll still have plenty to enjoy on South Pearl this weekend -- namely the brew part of the festival's title. There is nothing that will make you suddenly like bluegrass more than some nice local microbrews, and after a day of drinking in the sun, we're sure you'll be getting your jug band back together in the streets. Delirium: A Circus of the Senses at the Oriental Theater (Saturday, $10) We could spend our time here talking about what exactly Delirium is, but instead, here's a list of a few of the things happening that will hopefully help make your decision for you: aerialists, drag acts, pole dancers, burlesque dancers, a Bette Midler impersonator, a fetish act, sword swallowing, juggling, glass eating and more. You know what to do, we're sure. Marvelous Mud: Clay Through the Ages at the Denver Art Museum (Saturday-Sunday, $3-$13) While Marvelous Mud will be on display at the DAM until September 18, you probably don't want to miss the opening weekend. You see, it's not just going to be eight separate exhibits in different sections of the museums; opening weekend also includes pyrotechnic raku firing, a potter's wheel demo, a ten-foot sculpture and more. We have no idea what pyrotechnic raku firing is, but it sounds awesome. Rocky Mountain Bicycle Festival at Invesco Field at Mile High (Saturday-Sunday, free) While you'll need to pony up between $10 and $75 to ride your metal pony on one of two different community rides, the actual festival portion of the Rocky Mountain Bicycle Festival is entirely free. That includes plenty of activities for the kids, including riding lessons and parade. The adults aren't left out, either -- those in the higher age brackets will be able to check out maintenance workshops, gear demos and more.

Dinner With a Pack of Hungry Cannibals: The Music of Raymond Scott at Dazzle Restaurant (Sunday, $10) While this one slightly off our usual beaten path, it's a curious enough blend of music/culture that is hard not to suggest you spend your ten bucks at Dazzle this weekend. If you haven't heard of Raymond Scott, don't worry -- you've heard his music in countless Looney Tunes and Ren and Stimpy cartoons. That's because his chaotic, wacky vibe was appropriated by Warner Bros., and although his music was very serious and progressive at the time, it's best remembered in the context of a cartoon rabbit running as fast as he can. It's not just a performance of the music you've heard, either; the jazz combo will be tackling Scott's scores on instruments you might not be familiar hearing it with, including the accordion and the banjo.

Lucky Pearl Bazaar on South Pearl (Sunday, free) There are plenty of flea markets and craft fairs to choose from in Denver, but only the Lucky Pearl Bazaar happens to run in parallel with the South Pearl Street Farmer's Market. Yes, that means you can pick some fresh veggies and a hot new vintage skirt at the same place.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.