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10 things to do for $10 this weekend, June 24-26, 2011

We've passed the Summer Solstice already, which means the season is in full swing with the blazing hot sun, outdoor parties and a nice, easily maneuverable city to cruise around in. That's a good thing for this weekend, because there is a ton of stuff going down in a variety of places; from bike-in movies to playing with miniatures, we've got you covered no matter what type of activities you're partial to. Steamed at TACtile Textile Arts Center (Friday, $5) If there's one thing we can say about steampunk, it's that it has some of the wildest fashions we've ever seen. We're particularly fond of the tiny hats, but crazed corsets and bloomers certainly tickle our fancy as well. If it does for you too, we'd certainly suggest hitting up the Steamed fashion show tonight. Erica Jong at Tattered Cover Colfax Avenue (Friday, free) Sugar in my Bowl: Real Women Talk About Real Sex is a collection of -- well, stories about women's sex lives. That should be readily apparent from the title, really. To celebrate the book, editor Erica Jong will be in town reading from and talking it up. We can only guess that the Q&A portion is going to be an awesome thing to witness. Clips of Faith at Boulder Central Park (Friday, free) Clips of Faith is all about short films and beer. Seriously, is there any better combination you can possibly think of? How about we toss in some beer tasting and a competitive drink-off, then? Now things are getting good. Of course, these films aren't just about anything, they're about craft beer and sustainability, two things that people venture up to Boulder to check out even when there isn't a free film screening involved. ! Women Art Revolution at Denver FilmCenter (Friday, $9.75) If short films about beer aren't really your thing, maybe a documentary about woman artists will be. ! Women Art Revolution is a film about just that, documenting years of the female artist movement, from obscurity through relative obscurity and beyond. Light and Line at Ice Cube Gallery @ Dry Ice Factory (Friday, free) Two artists will be showing off two entirely different types of works at Ice Cube today: One is an instillation using only fishing wire and the other uses photographs pieced together to make two- and three-dimensional objects. It should be a diverse and interesting show -- just be careful not to get stuck in the fishing line. Adult Play Day at Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolly and Toys (Saturday, $10) You need to be a member to get in for $10, but once you do, you get to spend the day playing with toys. There's more, like classes on how to build dreamcatchers and fortune-telling machines, but seriously: Playing with toys all day sounds like way more fun. Project Hello at RedLine (Saturday, free) We can't even begin to tell you everyone who is showing work at Project Hello, so let's just say this: 47 different artists, crafters, designers, writers, musicians, performers and everything else will be showing off their creative goods all day long at RedLine today. It's also a great chance to network and meet other creative in different fields if you're an artist yourself.

Light Supply at Museum of Outdoor Arts (Saturday, free) We've had a lot of light-themed art this year, but let's be honest: It's because lights are so damn cool. In the case of Light Supply, the Museum of Outdoor Arts will be dimmed out to make room for glowing sculptures and wall pieces from a variety of artists. We're picturing a real-life, working version of Tron, although that might not be the case at all.

The Reptile Experience! at Colorado Reptile Humane Society (Sunday, $5) Reptiles get tossed into humane societies for a number of reasons -- they're expensive, they're scaly, they're weird and they don't chase Frisbees -- but all that is exactly what The Reptile Experience wants to change. It's an open house to come check out some awesome lizards and an educational day where people can learn about how to properly care for these cold-blooded beasts so they don't end up at the shelter to begin with.

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Civic Center Bike-In Movies at Civic Center Park (Sunday, free) What better way is there to spend a lazy Sunday evening than to hang out in Civic Center Park and watch Field of Dreams? We've spend a good amount of time near that park, so we'd definitely recommend you bring some chairs or blankets and do anything you can not to sit on the actual concrete -- but once you're situated, you'll be able to relax and watch a movie about baseball-playing ghosts, which is pretty awesome.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.