10 things to do for $10 this weekend, March 11-13, 2011

Ah, the weekend before St. Patrick's Day, where you have to start preparing your body for the coming onslaught of bad choices. Regardless of when you decide to celebrate, you'll want to prepare your stomach and bladder for the wrecking crew that's about to destroy you. Or, better yet, get in some nice culture this weekend to give your brain a bit of a workout before you completely annihilate the last remaining brain cell by doing keg stands of Guinness next week. Full Denver St. Patrick's Day Event Guide.

Bored Of Directors opening reception at Super Ordinary Gallery (Friday, free) Super Ordinary will be host to new works (and the first Denver art show) from Bored of Directors, a design collective that'll be showing off art from Tony Farfalla, Tuyet Nguyen and Matt Scobey. Other than that, we don't really know what to expect -- but we do know the group has been experimenting with different types of media since its inception, so it's sure to be a collection of a wide range of different styles.

Blammo #7 Release Party at Kilgore Used Books and Comics (Friday, free) This weekend marks the release of our own Noah Van Sciver's newest entry in the Blammo series. You'll be able to stop by Kilgore tonight to get a little bit of party on, chat with Noah, and pick up an issue for the reasonable price of $4 if you're so inclined. It's a great way to support everyone's favorite local comic man, so be sure to hit him with a high-five when you're there.

St. Patrick's Day Parade at Coors Field (Saturday, free) The St. Patrick's Day Parade is a time-honored tradition where crap-loads of people pack themselves into the Coors Field area and watch floats, dancers, Shriners and horses cruise by. Oh, there is plenty of green going on too, in case you didn't just assume that. Whether your Irish or not, parades are always a pleasant way to spend your hung-over Saturday morning.

RiNo Second Saturdays in the RiNo District (Saturday, free) It's rather nice that the Denver art scene has started spreading out its art shows across the entire month, because First Fridays were starting to get a little too hectic. There are tons of different shows happening up in the northern art district tonight you won't want to miss, but the big bonus will be the return of the food trucks serving up the eats all night long.

Shitty Kitten Artist Reception at Crema Coffee House (Saturday, free) Speaking of all the crazy RiNo events going on tonight, don't forget to hit up Crema Coffee House for the opening of Markham "Shitty Kitten" Maes' art. The only way we can really think of to describe Maes' art is something along the lines of 1930s-Disney-style filtered through the mind of a LCD-brained Vietnam vet. Yeah, they're that awesome. March of the Zombies III Fashion Show at Bender's Tavern (Saturday, $5-$8) When we think of zombies, we don't usually think of fashion, but tonight those two things are going to collide into a fashion show brimming over with so much awesome it's hard to resist. It's equal parts fashion and zombie too, so it's not like you'll see babes with a scar on their face in a hot new outfit; they'll be gored out to the max but still decked out in fabulous threads.

DIY or Die at Plastic Chapel (Saturday, free) On their own, toys are exceptionally cool, but combo that with the idea of taking pre-existing toys and creating something completely new and you have one of the best ideas we've ever heard. Tonight at Plastic Chapel, a collection of artist-constructed toys of all shapes and sizes will be on display, and they're sure to blow your mind in a variety of creative ways.

Runnin' of the Green 7k at McCormick's Fish House and Bar (Sunday, free to watch) Most races aren't exactly fun to watch, but the Runnin' of the Green is a bit different. In celebration of St. Patrick's Day, racers are pretty much guaranteed to come out dressed to the nines in crazy green outfits, so it's sure to be an enjoyable one to watch. Plus, there will be bagpipers, stepdancers and an after-party with corned beef , bagels and beer, so there's really no way you can go wrong here.

Blink!: Light Sound and the Moving Image at Denver Art Museum (Sunday, free with museum admission) Art and technology have always had a positive relationship with each other. Both have managed to spark inspiration in the other, and we've got plenty of fancy new tech to show for it. It's the art that's on display today at DAM, with artists taking existing tech and reinventing it into something completely new.

Fresh City Life: Woman Made: Films Directed by Woman: Antonia's Line at Denver Central Library (Sunday, free) Strong young female characters are surprisingly unpopular in cinema, and while we're all wowed by the kick-assery of Milla Jovavich in Resident Evil, that's not exactly the persona most woman are going to relate to. To celebrate films with strong female leads that are directed by woman, Fresh City Life is hosting a whole month-long collection of these films. First up this week is Antonia's Tale, a kind of feminist fairy tale that took home the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film in 1996.

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