10 things to do for $10 this weekend, March 25-27, 2011

We're not entirely sure what happened to Denver's usual March storm, but since it seems to have forgotten us this year, we're going to celebrate the only way we know how: on the cheap. Since we spent most of our money stockpiling canned goods for the annual snow-in, we're out of cash, but thankfully there is plenty to do on the cheap this weekend, including comedy shows, art openings, book readings and more.

Drama Drag at Tracks (Friday, $10) Just like everyone else, drag queens eventually want to retire. Case in point, Angelina Essex, aka Joel Valenzuela, will be throwing in the brassiere this weekend to pursue other projects. If you're a fan of drag shows and haven't seen one of these performances, now is going to be your last chance to see one of the best in Denver.

Cinema Q: Making the Boys at Denver FilmCenter/Colfax (Friday-Sunday, $9.75)The Boys in the Band

is kind of a terrible stereotype of the gay community, and so, as it turns out, is the 1970 film. Still, it was one of the first major pictures to actually present the gay community as human beings, even if they were a bit over-the-top and slightly offensive.

Making the Boys

is a documentary that deals with the tensions and other problems that rose from the film.

Grawlix 3 at Avenue Theater (Friday, $6) Grawlix has been an incredible success for the comedy group, so much so that one has to get to the Avenue Theater a bit early if they'd like to be guaranteed a seat. Once there, you'll be entertained with plenty of skits, stand up routines and more. Think of it as Denver's own, less annoyingly long-winded version of Saturday Night Live.

Neon Knights Present Nite Vision at Theory and Practice (Friday, $10) There are those among us who think 2 a.m. is far too early to be making a last call. For you, let us present Neon Knights late night dance party at Theory and Practice gallery this weekend. If boozing until two and heading home to wallow in your tears of self-pity isn't your idea of fun, this sucker cranks it up all the way till 4 a.m., reminding you once and for all that Denver isn't New York, but it sure can try. Hal D. Gould: M Photog: A Life's Work and Loretta Young-Gautier: Retrospective at Camera Obscura Gallery (Friday, free) If partying all night long or going to a comedy show isn't your idea of a good time, perhaps checking out some fine-art photography is. It's a bit bittersweet though, as this will be the final show to ever grace the walls of Camera Obscura. Thankfully, it's also one of the most appropriate, with curator Hal Gould showcasing his life's work at the venue in combination with work from his business partner, Loretta Young-Gautier. When We Were Birds: Judy Anderson and Ginny Hoyle at Walker Fine Art (Friday, free) The words "installation art show" might be enough to scare a few people off, but hear us out on this one. Artist and director of the PlatteForum Judy Anderson has teamed up with writer Ginny Hoyle to create a collaborative art show, and yes, installation, that combines text and art in a way that's new and interesting. It'll be well worth hitting up Walker Fine Art tonight for fans of either art form.

Sheep to Shawl Craft Weekend at MCA Denver (Friday-Saturday, free) If you've ever wanted to know exactly how wool was made, today might be your only chance. As part of the Museum of Contemporary Art's recent foray into experiential learning, you'll not only be able to get a lesson on how material goes from sheep to shawl, you'll get a chance to try it for yourself.

Video Games at 1UP Vintage Arcade and Bar 1UP officially opened up on Tuesday of this week, but the venue is truly something to behold. Filled to the brim with vintage arcade machines, the new bar has only one goal: fill you up with beer and let you play Galaga until your brain bleeds. While the location is a little odd, that shouldn't stop videogame nerds from making their way into the heart of LoDo for some classic video game action. We promise you won't be disappointed. Vintage Voltage Expo at Northglenn Ramada Plaza and Convention Center (Sunday, $5) For many, older technology is better. It has better design, better sound, hell, it even smells better. For anyone out there who hates all these new-fangled electronic-digital machines, you'll find solace in the Vintage Voltage Expo, where gear-heads and tube-nerds will collect together to covet awesome looking old electronics and compare analog equipment.

Sarah Vowell at Tattered Cover Lodo (Sunday, free) Sarah Vowell is probably one of the only history nerds on the planet who can best be described as "adorable." She's got a gusto for history and other such nerdery that makes her nearly impossible not like. In celebration of yet another one of her books, she'll be in town reading from and answering all your silly questions this afternoon, but considering her pedigree you may want to get down there early because it's sure to fill up quick.

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