10 things to do for $10 this weekend, May 6-8, 2011

While you're waiting for your Cinco de Mayo hangover to go away, you might want to start planning your (accidental) three-day weekend. Thankfully, there is plenty for you to do this weekend, even if you need to stay away from booze for a few days. We've got poetry, comics, chocolate, art openings, festivals and more going down this weekend on the cheap. Do It! at Phillip J Steele Gallery (Friday, free) Back in the early '90s, Hans Ulrich Obrist threw the first Do It! party, which tasked a team of artists to interpret art via a manual of instructions. it might sound like a paint-by-numbers game, but it was all about adding a twist to a prescribed set of rules ala the Oulipo group of writers. After all, it's not what you're doing, it's how.

Ironwood Grand Opening Party and Art Exhibit at Ironwood (14 S. Broadway, Friday, free) South Broadway is quickly becoming more than just a stop-off on the art train -- and with the opening of a new gallery comes, well -- a party. New artwork will be on display from Brittany Gould, but plenty of other local goods will be on sale, including quilts, ceramics, furniture and more.

40 and Forward at St. Thomas Episcopal Church (Friday, $10) It's a rarity that a small, non-profit bookstore would ever reach forty years old, but that's exactly what the Park Hill Bookstore did. To celebrate, they'll be throwing a soiree with a silent auction and plenty of elbow rubbing for the literati.

Colorado Chocolate Festival at Denver Merchandise Mart (Friday-Saturday, free) Do we really need to say anything more than $1 chocolate tastings? That means for $10, you'll get to stuff yourself with ten different kinds of gourmet chocolate before you roll up on a magic truffle cloud and fall asleep. There will be other activities, including a chocolate-and-whiskey pairing, cake awards and more.

Poetry Rodeo at Mercury Café (Friday-Saturday, free) The title might lead you to believe this event has something to do with poets riding bulls, but unfortunately it doesn't (although, we might recommend you hit up the Grizzly Rose some weekend with a notepad filled with your love poetry and see what happens) -- instead it's more of a roundup of poetry and storytelling talent. Even without any feats of strength, it should still be a great time and with tons of different artists involved, and you should find a way to have fun no matter what your poetical leaning may be.

Blank City at Denver FilmCenter (Friday-Sunday, $7.25-$9.75) For many, the term no-wave might conjure up images of that hip uncle that suggested you watch Stranger than Paradise and listen to Lydia Lunch, and when you did, you were sorely disappointed by the complete banality and boredom of it all. Of course, that's what it's all about -- perhaps you just didn't get it. If you'd like to learn more, Blank City is the documentary for you. Cinco de Mayo Festival and Parade at Civic Center Park (Saturday, free) Hopefully two days was enough time to cure your Cinco de Mayo hangover, because the big party is going down today. The festivities kick off with a parade before the party begins, with three stages of music, hundreds of vendors, a carnival and -- here's the awesome part -- the Navy will be parachuting into the park. There is, quite literally, something for everyone.

Free Comic Book Day at Denver/Boulder Area (Saturday, free) If we told you that all you had to do to get a bunch of free comic book swag was show up at a comic book store today, you'd probably tell us we were insane -- but it's true. Now in its tenth year, Free Comic Book Day is exactly what it sounds like: free comics. While you're there, many stores will have special discounts, contests, costumes and more.

Blast from the Past Film Night at Broomfield Auditorium (Saturday, $5) Educational films are, without a doubt, some of the weirdest creations in the history of cinema. Unfortunately, they don't generally get preserved too well, but that's where Blast From the Past Film Night comes in. Tonight they'll be displaying a few amazing antiquities from educational film's past, including a film sponsored by the potato chip industry about healthy diets.

Horseshoe Craft and Flea Market at Moore Olinger Howard Chapel parking lot (Saturday, free) The first of a series of seasonal openings, the Horseshoe Craft and Flea Market is all about the handmade, the old and the deals. If you're sick and tired of the dusty, creepy weirdo selling "vintage" Atari cartridges at your usual flea market, you might find the Horseshoe to be better geared towards your interests. It's not exactly curated, but chances are it'll have enough class not to include a large selection of airbrushed grizzly bear t-shirts.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.