10 things to do for $10 this weekend, November 4-6, 2011

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Now that Halloween has passed and the the first snows are sweeping across Denver, the events are moving indoors. That doesn't mean there aren't plenty of great things going on this weekend, including the start of Denver Arts Week, some dead art, a ski expo, midnight movies and more. It might be chilly and wet out, but you can still have a great time for just a few bucks. And if you're feeling spendy, be sure to view our full guide to the days ahead at westword.com/calendar. Denver Arts Week in Denver Metro Area (Friday-Sunday, free) Denver Arts Week is so huge, it's impossible to really sum it up in a single paragraph here, but know this: it's all about building a local artistic community and that means a bunch of the art galleries will be taking part with special shows, discounted art and prizes. Even the museums are getting into it and staying open all night long. It's time to hit the streets and see what's happening out there. Day of the Dead Show at Studio 12 Gallery (Friday, free) The Día de los Muertos might have come and gone, but that doesn't mean it's too late to hit up this fantastic show, which is filled with art from a number of artists celebrating the very act of death. If you're already pounding the streets of Santa Fe for First Friday, don't miss out on this gem tucked in over on 2nd and Kalamath.

Counter Confinement at Rhinoceropolis (Friday, free) Counter Confinement is all about putting the spotlight on a ton of young artists you may have never heard of, with at least thirteen different artists showing their work. Music will follow, but if you're curious about what's on tap for the future of Denver art, this might be a good place to start.

Studio Works by the Artists of the LoL Caricature Company at The Other Side Arts (Friday, free) It's not often you get to see caricatures in a gallery-like setting. In fact, it pretty much never happens, which is why you'll want to hit this up while you can tonight. You'll find tons of crazy pictures of celebrities all tricked out in a way that only a well done caricature can do.

Ian Robert McKown at Marion Street Tattoo/Gallery (Friday, free) Speaking of celebrity caricatures, you'll be able to find some celebrity mini-portraits at McKown's show tonight, including one of Bob Ross. It's not all celebrities though, there will be still life's and other works created in oils and even though McKown might make most of his cheddar as a tattoo artist, his oil works is fantastic as well. Fast Geek Boutique Anniversary party at Fast Geek Boutique (Friday, free) It's the first anniversary of the Fast Geek Boutique, and if you're fond of the store, you'll certainly want to head on over tonight to help them celebrate. There will be artwork by Rachael Weiss on the walls and refreshments on tap -- what more could you possibly ask for? Occupy 2012: Womyn Who Glow in the Dark at Mercury Café (Friday-Saturday, $10-$30) The nice thing about Womyn Who Glow in the Dark is the sliding scale entry fee -- it's essentially pay as much as you can -- which fits in nicely with the overall politics of the show at hand. If the likes of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have taught us anything, it's that comedy can make politics more engaging, which is exactly what this show is all about. A music number about hydraulic fracturing? Check. An education video about tar sands? Yep. It's a multimedia, goofy, but educational extravaganza. Airplane! at the Esquire Theatre (Friday-Saturday, $8) Airplane! is one of the great American comedies and whether you've never seen it, or you want to see it for the 50th time, a midnight showing of the film should be amazing. The film is packed with so many zingers it's impossible to count them, but rest assured, this is the movie that started the packed-in, pun-driven comedy of the early '80s.

20th Annual Colorado Ski and Snowboard Expo at Colorado Convention Center (Friday-Sunday, $10 with coupon) If you're hunting for some new ski gear but don't want to spend a lot of money, this is your best bet. You'll be able to get gear, passes and everything else you'll need for incredibly cheap and if you plan everything out right, you'll be able to outfit yourself for the slopes in no time at all.

Breath Deep Denver 5K for Lung Cancer at Sports Authority Field (Saturday, free) As with most 5K's, you won't be able to race for only $10, but you will be pop in and show your support. You won't find any tricks, costumes, or other nonsense here (okay, there is a series of tuba players lining the race), just a 5K race to benefit lung cancer research. We're sure you'll be able to toss $10 into a pot to make up for the fact you can't race.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.