10 Things to do for $10 this weekend, September 10-12, 2010

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Some people will try and tell you that $10 won't get you much these days. To those people, we say "you're wrong, sir," because every weekend in Denver's there is more than enough to do for 10 bucks and less. This weekend there are bike races, Italian cuisine, book signings and more.

100-Cent Special on Cat Adoptions at the Dumb Friends League (Friday-Sunday) You might be trying to spice up your weekend with booze and parties, but before you indulge yourself in adult activities, maybe you should think about how cute your apartment would be with an adorable little kitten. This weekend, to celebration of 100 years of finding homes for pets, the Dumb Friends League is letting you walk away with a new four-legged friend for just a buck. At that price you might as well get ten. Abstracts at the William Havu Gallery (Friday-Saturday) This is your last chance to check out the Abstracts group art show going on the William Havu gallery this weekend. It's a show you're not going to want to miss, with art by Werner Drewes, Wassily Kandinsky and more. You'll have the pleasure of seeing different variations on abstract styles, probably causing you to scratch your head in confusion. Bicycle Film Festival at the Starz FilmCenter (Friday-Saturday) Tickets for the whole festival might be sold out and way over $10, but that doesn't mean you won't be able to appreciate the weekend's bicycle-centric activities. You'll still be able to snag individual tickets to films for $9.99. You'll also be able to check out the after parties at the Meadowlark and Lisa Kowalski Galleries on Friday and Saturday respectively.

Jeff Deck and Benjamin Herson at Tattered Cover Highlands Ranch (Friday) Jeff Deck and Benjamin Herson had a simple goal: to correct the typos of society. Since they're good citizens, they decided to hit the streets and start correcting these text errors across the country, all the while blogging about it. The mission provided enough fodder for a book, which will bring them to the Tattered Cover tonight on the promotional circuit. Read more: "Jeff Deck and Benjamin Herson discuss their great typo hunt."

Suburban Home Records Birthday Weekend: Art Show at 3 Kings Tavern (Friday-Saturday) The Suburban Home Records Birthday Party might sound more like gathering of music and mayhem, but the basement of 3 Kings Tavern will be showcasing art from the Suburban Home community. It should offer a nice reprieve from the chaos happening upstairs. Related: "In honor of Suburban Home's 15th Anniversary, here are the five quintessential albums from their catalog." Festival Italiano at Belmar (Saturday-Sunday) Whether you love Italian food or you're just looking to score some wine advice, you'll find something worthwhile at the Festival Italiano this weekend. The two-day event features 25 different food vendors as well as music, opera and bocce tournament. Maybe you'll be able to pick up some tips on proper pronunciation during the language lessons -- trust us, your significant other will appreciate it if you stop ordering the "bolog-naise." Tour de Fat in City Park (Saturday) The Tour de Fat has slowly become a tradition in Denver. As it has grown more and more over the years, different variations of the cycling cult have signed on. It doesn't matter which cultural sect of the bicycling world you are a part of -- it just matters that you like bikes and booze, otherwise known as "the perfect combination." Femalley Cat/Broseph Invitational Bike Races at the Denver Performing Arts Complex (Saturday) If the Tour de Fat is too lazy for you, you might consider spending your Saturday morning loading up on carbs and studying maps of the city in preparation for one of two gender-specific alley-cats. If we know our alley-cats correctly, you might also want to prepare yourself to shotgun a few beers, get punched in the nose and possibly sing at least a few bars from "Run to the Hills." Manufactured Superstars at Beta (Saturday) Saturday means one thing: dancing. Sure, you can go on bike rides and show off how in shape you are by winning some race -- but you can do the same thing by getting down and dirty on the dance floor. You'll get a total musical package at Beta tonight, with mixes coming in the shape of hip-hop, techno and pop. Yoga Rocks the Park! at City Park (Sunday) You did it again -- you spent your entire weekend drinking beer and riding bikes and now you can't move. Maybe if you started doing yoga you wouldn't be in such bad shape -- you might as well start today.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.