10 things to do for $10 this weekend, September 24-26, 2010

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Some people will try and tell you that $10 won't get you much these days. To those people, we say "you're wrong, sir," because every weekend in Denver there is more than enough to do for 10 bucks and less. This weekend you'll find an art museum grand opening, barbecue cook offs, festivals and more.

The Science of Toys at Lakewood's Heritage Center (Friday-Sunday) You don't have much time left to check out the Science of Toys exhibit going on at Lakewood's Heritage Center, so you might want to hop in your Captain Power XT-7 and head straight up there before it closes for good next weekend. How else are you going to learn how slinkys work?

CU Art Museum Grand Opening at CU-Boulder campus (Friday) The idea of having an art museum on campus has been popping around the CU-Boulder offices for a while now, but today you'll finally be able to see it in action. The debut comes in the form of three exhibits and you'll be able to wander about the whole place for free. Rootz vs Murphy at City Hall Everyone knows Friday's are all about hittin' up da' club -- so why should this week be any different? Never mind the fact you've got a mortgage to pay and a fish feed, it's time to get funky at City Hall with Rootz and Murphy (of STS9). Chatfield Corn Maze at Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield (Saturday-Sunday) You know what will help clean off the sleaze of a Friday night of partying too hard? A corn maze -- no seriously -- this is traditional family fun that pushes you to get lost in a maze... of corn. Corn! Denver Area Solar and Green Homes Tour (Saturday) If you're looking to scope out what Denver-area folks are up to on the renewable energy front, there is no better place to start than with the self-guided tour today. You'll be able to walk into several different homes in the area and learn what they're doing to lower their carbon footprint. Just, ahem, be sure to carpool. Flourish! at Ruby Hill Park (Saturday) While it's almost time to break out the sleds and head straight to Ruby Hill Park, there are still glimmers of sunshine left in the sky. In fact, so much sunshine that Denver Parks and Recreation and DUG are co-hosting a festival to celebrate the groundbreaking of a new community garden in Ruby Hill park. Music guests, local chefs and plenty of kid friendly fun await -- let's just hope they build that garden away from the place we usually build our wicked awesome sled jump. Thrilla on the Grilla at Castle Pines Marketplace (Saturday) If you think you've got the chops to go head-to-head in a grilling match against some of the best chefs in town, you might want to grab your paprika and head straight over to "Thrilla on the Grilla." The event takes place inside the Castle Pines North Octoberfest, so after you lose miserably after revealing your secret ingredient (ketchup, really?) you can go get plastered with the family. Fall Fashion Market: Mystique at Grant-Humphreys Mansion (Sunday) You don't want to ask us anything about fashion -- we've got a closet full of identical shirts that we change out daily -- but if you know the reason why we get yelled at for wearing brown shoes with black pants you'll probably find a whole lot to love at the Fall Fashion Market. The whole thing highlights a large collection of Denver's best fashion designers in one of Denver's most historic mansions. Running of the Gays at Steuben's (Sunday) If you've ever had the desire to see grown men run three blocks in high heels and call it a race, you'll probably want to head over to Steuben's for what's sure to be your cup of tea. The race is part of a program to raise money for the Rainbow Alley kids at the new LGBTQ Center. If philanthropy isn't your thing, maybe partying is: Hamburger Mary's, Steuben's and JR's will be running all kinds of menu and drink specials all day.

Yoga Cycle at Breathe (Sunday) We haven't a clue what Yoga cycling means, but we do know it sounds healthier than sitting on the couch in our underwear eating bacon all morning. The class is a bit over $10 if you're a normal citizen, but students, the unemployed, military and seniors can get in for $10 -- you probably fall in one of those categories right? Breathe is located at 2033 East Colfax Avenue.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.