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10 things to do for $10 this weekend, September 28-30, 2012

There are so many fun things to spend money on in the fall, like sweaters and butternut squash soup and fancy lattes. So why spend money on entertaining fun? Fortunately, you won't have to this weekend, since there are many worthwhile events that cost under $10 -- many of them free! From a drag fun run to a political comedy night to a record swap, the town is full of inexpensive opportunities.

For a complete listing of all area events, visit the Westword calendar. Keep reading here for our 10 for $10.

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Rawlitix at the Deer Pile (Friday, $5) For a fresh and definitely funnier take on the election season than the mainstream news media, local comedian/man about town Onus Spears has created a new comedy night that combines music, interviews and politically-charged laughter. The first edition will feature the jokes of NYC's Lee Camp, a satirist who is sure to get you laughing as well as thinking.

Untitled #51 (Second Life) at the Denver Art Museum (Friday, $10) The Denver Art Museum's Friday night party is all about reincarnation and re-purposing tonight, as well as looking into the museum's newest exhibit, El Anatsui: When I Last Wrote to You about Africa. Learn directly from the curator what it was like to install the exhibit, listen to Naropa's Dr. Phil Stanley talk about reincarnation, and discover more about the Mayan calendar -- and whether the world will really end in 2012. The Whale and DJ Johnny D. will provide the music at this action-packed evening that's all about giving things a second life.

Occupy the Debates Gathering at Civic Center Park (Friday, free) If the two-party system doesn't seem to represent you, check out Occupy the Debates, the Occupy movement's attempt to take the conversation back to the people of the U.S. This gathering in Civic Center will feature all sorts of entertainment and political conversation tonight, with slam poetry, drumming, live music and comedy from Lee Camp (so if you're a die-hard Camp fan, you can see him twice tonight!). And unlike the presidential debate at the University of Denver on October 3, which you have zero chance of getting into unless you have some major connections, Occupy the Debates is free and open to the public.

CASUAL at the Meadowlark (Saturday, $5) No weekend is complete without a good dance party, and CASUAL, an Anglophile dance night, looks to be one of the best. Mile High Soul Club and Lipgloss DJ Tyler Jacobson, along with Jake Ryan, will be spinning; listen to The Smiths, Pulp and Joy Division, and practice your cheesy British accent on the dance floor.

Blacktop Festival at Denver Performing Arts Complex (Saturday, free) Celebrate all things DIY at this completely free festival put on by the folks who run art space Unit E. Whether you want to listen to music from bands like Rubedo and Wild Pack of Canaries, attend workshops on bicycle maintenance and zine-making, or experience live noise music inside a geodesic dome, there will be plenty here for creative people who want to experience art and also create it.

Museum Day Live! at museums all over Colorado (Saturday, free) If there's a museum in the state that you've been meaning to visit, head there today -- when admission is free! As part of a nation-wide event, museums all over the state are opening their doors to the public for no cost. So check out the list of participating spots and then get your free tickets online.

Longmont Studio Tour at Muse Gallery (Saturday-Sunday, free) It's one thing to see an artist's work in a gallery, but quite another to see the intimate space where the artist works. Get a glimpse into the creative process this weekend at the annual Longmont Studio Tour, where forty artists open up their studios to the public. Grab a map at Muse Gallery and then meet the artists, see how they work, and maybe go home with some art.

Running of the Gays at Steuben's Food Service (Sunday, free to watch) It costs $20 to participate, but this event is completely free to watch. And what a show it's sure to be! See a slew of people dressed to the nines run three blocks in stilettos to raise money for Art From Ashes, the excellent organization that uses poetry to help at-risk youth, and then head to X-Bar for an after-party hosted by drag queen Shirley Delta Blow. This is a sports-crazy town, and there's no better sprot than watching this costumed event that's all for a good cause.

Vinyl O' Vinyl Record Swap at the Deer Pile (Sunday, free) Have a bunch of old records sitting around that you no longer listen to -- or do you want to acquire more for your collection? Bring them to the Vinyl O' Vinyl Record Swap, where you can browse through many, many more records. And it won't cost you a cent, unlike like those big, formal record swaps.

Icelandic Film Festival at the L2 Arts and Culture Center (Sunday, free) The inaugural A Taste of Iceland is now under way, giving Denver a peek into life on the island (including a free concert on Saturday). And part of that is Icelandic cinema. Summerland, a comedy about a family whose business is elf tourism, and Inni, a concert film focusing on Icelandic band Sigur Rós', will both screen today to give audiences a sense of Icelandic culture, all without the ticket price of a flight on Icelandair. In fact, it's free!

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