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10 things to do for $10 this weekend, September 7-9, 2012

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DJ Low Key's Silent Disco at the Meadowlark (Friday, $10) When you walk into the Meadowlark tonight, you will see a crowd full of headphone-wearing people seemingly dancing to silence. They're not, though. Live DJ music is broadcast into those headphones, so that people can pick what to listen to and then jam out to tunes of their choosing. Go, put on the headphones, and look like that crazy lady on the RTD rocking out to silence.

Civilized Living with Adam Sikorski at Fancy Tiger (Friday, free) The monthly artisan series at Fancy Tiger tonight will focus on screen printer Adam Sikorski, who specializes in lines of fun clothing, including his ever-popular Coloradical! designs that celebrate our state. The artist will take over the store, unveiling new limited edition designs and much more. Support local art, and pick the brain of a designer who creates it.

Fire! Colorado Under Siege at Denver Photo Art Gallery (Friday, free) With tragedy often comes breathtaking art. See photos of the devastating Waldo Canyon fire tonight at a show featuring aerial and ground shots taken in Colorado Springs. And if you end up purchasing one of the pieces, you'll be donating to a worthy cause: 10 percent of the sales will go to the Colorado Fallen Firefighters Foundation to honor firefighters who died putting out fires.

Free Day at the Denver Art Museum (Saturday, free) It's always a treat when free days at the Denver Art Museum come around -- and although the regular monthly free day was last Saturday, today is a special bonus free day in honor of the Friendship Powwow. After you watch the ceremony outside, wander the beautiful, air-conditioned building and check out all the exhibits, including Garry Winogrand's Women Are Beautiful and Now Boarding, the show dedicated to the airport architecture of local starchitect Curt Fentress -- and all without spending a dime.

The Distort Report at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse (Saturday, $5) One of the only refreshing things about a tense, ugly political race is that it gives satirists a lot of material to work with. Every Saturday, the Distort Report at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse improvises a hilarious news show that's sure to be funnier, more bizarre and definitely more entertaining than whatever the local TV news is churning out.

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