10 video games set in Colorado

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6.DEFCON: Everybody Dies (2006, PC)

This cheery nuclear-holocaust simulator features Denver as one of the cities in North America that can be obliterated by foreign powers. No mention is made of the state's significance as the home of the NORAD command center (more on that later), but in a game where the nation that kills the most wins, our low population makes us relatively safe. Denver gets nuked at 1:20 in the video.

5.Syphon Filter 2 (2000, PS1)

Almost half of this Playstation shooter takes place in Colorado, as super-spies Gabe Logan and Lian Xing blast their way through the Rocky Mountains, Interstate 70 and the fictional McKenzie Air Force Base.The evil Agency even hatches a dastardly plot to delay already-aweful I-70 traffic by triggering an avalanche on the highway. The bastards!

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