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What's your day job?

I am the owner and curator of Leon art gallery with Lindsay Giles McWilliams in the Uptown neighborhood.

What's one art trend you want to see die this year?

Online galleries. Art has a physical and emotional presence that cannot be felt online. Sculptures, paintings, photographs all become their own entity once completed and I just don't think that presence, that soul of the piece can ever come across online, so how can you make such an important purchase through a cold machine like a computer? Online galleries should only be used for reference, not for selling artwork.

Hyperallergic just announced its "20 Most Powerless People in the Artworld," a counter-nod to Art Review's Power List, and in that article they announced brick-and-mortar art galleries as #7. I enjoy reading Hyperallergic, but I wholeheartedly think they were buffoonish for writing something so absurd. Have fun being moved by a piece on Amazon while a pop-up window tells you to go on a diet.

A mystery patron offers you unlimited funds for life. What will you do with it?

Great question -- I mean, where are the days of great patrons donating to the arts? When you had some rich lord or countess buying you a beautiful studio, a home and all the wine you could handle? If I had unlimited funds for life, I would of course set up a massive warehouse-sized studio with nearly every imaginable art instrument at my fingertips right here in Denver to share with all of the great artists in the city who can't afford a space to create what they so desperately want to create. It would have massive rooms for wood work, printmaking, a foundry, a darkroom, a photo studio, a digital arts room...the works! Think of the Source, but twice that size and only made for the creation of art. Maybe I would spread this singular space out into smaller studios all over the world: a photo studio and printmaking shop in Paris, a wood studio and another printmaking shop in Japan, a ceramics studio in New Orleans.

I would also have to buy a ticket to fly on a space shuttle and fulfill my lifelong dream of going into space. I have always wanted to be the first photographer in space. I wonder if they would let me hang on the International Space Station? What kind of hardware do you need hang art in space?

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