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100 Colorado Creatives: Reflections on an arts journalist's year well-spent

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And Lucy Lynn of the Ladies Fancywork Society wouldn't even hear of it: "Whoa. Die? That's pretty harsh. I'm not too sure there is any art trend I want to see die. Fashion trends...that's another story." Her LFS sister in yarnbombing crime, Maxine, stood up for unicorns: "I'm pretty over glitter, just kidding! I love glitter, and if glitter ever stopped being used, it would make me super sad. I also love unicorns. Someone might answer unicorns to this question, but not me, I would be never want a unicorn to die, that would make me evil." But Emily K. Harrison of Boulder's square product theatre didn't mince words: "I don't really follow trends all that much; it took me years to agree to try on a pair of skinny jeans. So I'll just speak to a centuries-old trend that has seen its day: I'm sick of artists being asked (and often agreeing) to work for way less than they're worth. That's a seriously terrible, enduring, national trend. Get your shit together, America." A similar sentiment echoed through many 100CC interviews. Continue reading for more on 100 Colorado Creatives.
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