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100 Colorado Creatives: Reflections on an arts journalist's year well-spent

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And asked for the one thing Denver (or Colorado) could do to help the arts, artist Rebecca Vaughan issued a challenge: "Denver: You need to buy art. Then buy more art. Denver: Did you like the art you saw in the arts districts around town? Well, dammit, buy that art! Denver: Did you like the gallery talk or lecture of an artist, but felt not-so-hot about their art? Well, sponsor their studio rent for a month anyway, pay for their materials so that they can keep doing their work! Become a member of the MCA or RedLine, or smaller venues that do not have access to the same public money as the big museums. Denver: Vote yes on every tax increase for education, SCFD funds and infrastructural improvements. That money will go to artists and educators, who are in turn spending it in the community and continuing the flow of money. Apologies, I listed more than one thing." Denver's creatives are spunky! Continue reading for more on 100 Colorado Creatives.
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