100 ways to love a cat stars in your 35 minutes of schadenfreude

It's Monday, and, like Garfield, you hate Mondays. And because the only thing that can cheer you up is either lasagna or a good chuckle at the misfortune of others, we're bringing you yet another cat-related moment of lulz. In this one, we're not so much laughing at any actual cat, but rather the maker of this mind-boggling and weirdly sad video and song about cats that, interestingly, also sounds kind of like Cat Stevens.

Unless you're actually interested in knowing every conceivable loving way you might love a cat (and there are exactly 100, in case you're interested), there's no reason to actually watch this whole thing -- we certainly couldn't make it all the way though. We're just hoping it doesn't get pornographic at any point (although "whisper 'I love you'" and "rub their soft bellies" take on sort of a creepy tone). Either way, just note the run time -- over 35 minutes. Also, Way 21 is "brush their teeth." Just putting that out there.

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Unlike most of your moments of schadenfreude, there's not really punchline to this one. It's pretty much 35 minutes of punchline. Actually, upon reflection, we're guessing the punchline is this poor guy's whole life.

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