17 hours in 22 degree weather... for a $10 H&M gift certificate?

What would you do for a $10 H&M gift certificate? Would you 127 Hours it? Give away a Klondike bar? Wait in the cold for seventeen hours? With pink eye?

By midnight last night, over thirty people were lined up at the Denver Pavilions, waiting for today's noon opening of H&M. The first 500 get a gift certificate for between $10 and $500; the exact amount is random. At least those who get stuck with the $10 cards can treasure their memories of a night out in freezing weather. Memories such as: having a blanket stolen by a homeless man, the camaraderie of strangers sharing the propane-fueled space heater one woman brought to the Pavilions plaza.

At 7:15 a.m. today, the masses (by then, approximately 150 had gathered) were aroused from their slumber and made to stand in line while a DJ played in the background. No sleep + bumpin' beats at 7 a.m. = not so hoppin'. Wendy Manning, marketing director for Denver Pavilions, says she expects a 2,000- person line by the time the store opens.

In the meantime, here are the people of Occupy Denver Pavilions.

H&M is this dashing duo's second time camping out; IKEA was their first. The family (mother, father and baby boy Voss) arrived at 6:45 p.m. and spent the night watching Dexter and trying to keep Voss from crying while crews started setting up at midnight. Expect to get: "Anything is better than nothing." Arrived just after midnight. Demand: "At least three digits." Arrived at 3 a.m. Demands: "$5. It's fine. It was just fun coming out." Waiting since 3 a.m. Demands: $100 or $200. Arrived at 7 p.m. and shared a tent with a propane-powered space heater. The girl has pink eye and would like $50 for her troubles. The guy didn't wear socks with his moccasins because, even though it's freezing outside, you still have to look good for the H&M opening.

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