2012 Oscars: Red carpet fashion do's and don'ts

Penelope Ann Miller looked fairy-tale beautiful (and Oscar-worthy) at the red carpet with this classic strapless look -- and here are several other glimpses we caught of fashion dos and don'ts, including the stunning Milla Jovovich and overly collagen'd Melanie Griffith. Octavia Spencer displayed flawless taste in her choice of red-carpet gown. Jonah Hill's black-on-black decision fit him well. Glenn Close's tailored jacket with the feminine skirt on the gown was a clever nod to her nomination for her gender-bending role in Albert Nobbs. Viola Davis was resplendent in an emerald-green mermaid gown. The lines of Janet McTeer's choice were simple but flattering, and the color popped nicely. Milla Jovovich's old-school glamour stole the show -- and her clutch and ring show her ability to accessorize. Alexandra Edenborough and Gary Oldman looked polished and happy. Michelle Williams's eye-popping gown had cute (and stylish) bow details. George Clooney and Stacey Keibler looked fabulous -- the gold was a good choice for Stacey. This gown showed off Rooney Mara's beautiful skin to perfection -- the modern back details were especially noteworthy. Antonio Banderas looks as delicious as always -- but for heaven's sake, Melanie Griffith, lay off the collagen and facelifts, already.

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