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3 things to do for free in Denver this week, February 17-20

If you spent too much money on your sweetheart (or yourself) this Valentine's Day weekend, you can still go out in Denver this week. Dance your black heart out at goth night, go to the zoo or catch a live podcast taping -- all for free.

As always, you can find complete listings of all events around town in our online Westword calendar, and if you know of any great free events, share details in our comments section below.

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Goth Night at the hi-dive (Monday) Smear on black eyeliner and dust off your crucifix jewelry for this special, no-cover goth night at the hi-dive. DJs Stella Montoya, Sarah Slater and Vincent Comparetto will spin tunes from goth and new wave bands so you can wallow in black feelings and then dance them away. Free Day at the Denver Zoo (Thursday) There's no admission at the Denver Zoo today, so head over there to see animals like Lillith the East African crowned crane, Vinh the white-cheeked gibbon, and Hesty the orangutan. Free days at the menagerie are always a treat, so don't miss out on this special opportunity. The Narrators at the Deer Pile (Thursday) Before they head to the Jones Theater for more theatrical productions of their storytelling, the performers will tell tales relating to the theme Lived/Re-Lived for free tonight. As part of the Narrators podcast, people including Kelly Shortandqueer will share stories that range from heart-wrenching to gut-busting.

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