3 things to do for free in Denver this week, January 27-30

Running low on cash? There's still plenty you can do in Denver this week, including catching a Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy film, hitting a youth poetry workshop, and watching cartoons and comedy -- all for free. Check out the Westword calendar for more things to do, and let us know if we missed something cool -- and free! -- in the comments section below.

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Desk Set at the Denver Central Library (Tuesday)

Fresh City Life's Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy film series concludes tonight with the first-ever color film from the Hollywood power couple. The 1957 romantic comedy

Desk Set

stars Hepburn a reference librarian who falls for Tracy, an efficiency expert brought in to modernize the library with computers (which the film refers to as "electronic brains").

Art From Ashes at the McNichols Building (Tuesday)

Every Tuesday from 5 to 7 p.m., Art from Ashes holds a drop-in youth poetry and spoken word workshop complete with snacks, hot chocolate, coffee and guest poets. Share your voice and get involved with the creative literary community in Denver.

Cartoons & Comedy at Deer Pile (Thursday) Relive your childhood cartoon-watching ritual tonight at Deer Pile -- but this time with beer and a lot more laughs. Comedians Christie Buchele, Mara Wiles and Adrian Mesa will riff on David the Gnome, Tiny Toons and G.I. Joe in this evening of animation, comedy and nostalgia.

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