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3 things to do for free this week, December 3-6, 2012

If paying your December 1 emptied your pockets, don't despair: You can still have fun -- for free! -- this week. Among the options are watching a campy horror movie about a Franken-prostitute, catching a candle art show, and playing drag queen bingo. For a full listing of all events around town, visit the Westword calendar; share details about other entertainment bargains this week in the comments section below.

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Frankenhooker at Crash 45 (Tuesday) When a medical student's wife dies, he attempts to bring her back to life using the limbs of hookers in this bizarre horror film screening for free as part of Crash 45's Cruel Autumn Horror Film series. Enjoy specials on PBR and Budweiser while you watch this campy 1990 take on the classic Frankenstein story, directed by Frank Henenlotter of the Basket Case trilogy.

Dolls with Balls at Hamburger Mary's (Wednesday) Face it: your chances of winning a Powerball jackpot are next to nothing. So why not try your luck at a game of chance that's way more fun and also totally free. Every Wednesday night, Hamburger Mary's hosts drag-queen bingo complete with live performances by hosts Alexandra Winters and Harley Quinn, drink specials, and six games of bingo. Win a prize, get a cheeseburger, and cherish the extra dollars in your pocket that didn't go to Powerball. 13 Lumens Candle Art Show at The MacSpa (Thursday) Candles are a standard go-to holiday gift, but Art Pimp Productions is making them much more exciting this season with an art show featuring work by local artists reproduced on glass candles. See all 33 designs at the free opening reception tonight while you enjoy drinks, snacks and what artists can do on a different type of canvas.

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