A Bosnian girl throwing puppies into a river stirs controversy on the internetz

With a slogan like this -- "We are anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us" -- one wouldn't really expect the group behind it to be the doer of good deeds. Then again, Anon isn't really like any other group, in that it has no official members, agenda or even website, unless you count 4chan (don't click on that link unless you're not at work or your boss doesn't care what you look at), the unofficial Anon gathering place. At any rate, a few members of Anon's tracking down a girl who posted a video of herself throwing puppies into a river and rallying against her has gotten some (relatively) positive attention in the mainstream media, but it's causing some friction within the ranks.

Within hours of the video's being posted on LiveLeak, some hacker (or several hackers) had tracked down the person who posted the video and come up with a couple of possible Facebook profiles for the puppy-tosser, then posted it to /b/ (4chan's random board) as an open invitation for millions to fuck with her. And you don't want to mess with /b/. Face it: Your computer is one of the epicenters of your life, and Anon will own your computer if it so desires.

Today, /b/ is going nuts, half with people who want to pile punishment upon whoever this girl is, the other half with trolls who feel punishing this girl in the name of good is a corruption of Anon's unofficial mission, which is to "do it for the lulz." That led to posts like this one (ITT means "in this thread," by the way):

Anon has often been referred to as a "hive mind," which is a not-exactly-flattering but admittedly (by Anon) pretty accurate characterization. The whole point, basically, is to pull pranks, like last week, when they sent "Justin Beiber Syphallis" to the top of Google searches. That, it seems, is changing. It's probably to early to call /b/ an animal-rights group, but there was a similar incident very recently, when Anon tracked down a woman who had been caught on video trapping a cat in a garbage can for no discernible reason.

Might /b/ be headed away from "doing it for the lulz" and toward "doing it for the good?" Well, we doubt it. But if it is, it won't be without some old-school resistance.

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Jef Otte
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