A fat kid on a Slip 'n Slide stars in your moment of schadenfreude

Speaking of Slip 'n Slides, even the lame foam pillow that litigation forced on that awesome toy -- because, oh, somebody got paralyzed -- couldn't save this kid from face-planting right into the grass, like the time my roommate tried to beer Slip 'n Slide on the kitchen linoleum, except he didn't move nearly as far. He mostly just face-planted. Either way, we all laughed at him -- great, lulzy laughs at his misfortune. Which is exactly what we'll do once more, after the jump.

What's interesting about this particular moment of schadenfreude is that, unlike other such moments, this one is caused not by the subject in question's trying to achieve something too badass for his meager capabilities, but rather his being too badass for the activity at hand. While other kids are forced by friction to a rubbery halt long before they reach the end of the line, this hefty gentleman's natural girth gives him the momentum to slide right on into infinity, if infinity were paved by a lubricated plastic strip.

It isn't, of course -- although that would be pretty awesome in its own right -- and while the several slow-mo repeats the author of this video provides allow a view of a disturbingly protracted jiggling that probably isn't necessary, we commend the Wham-O corporation for bringing humanity a toy that brings such joy to so many, and for the rest of us, so many cynical chuckles along with it.

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Jef Otte
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