A flipping good time at Irish Rover

Drinking games aren't simply about who can drink the most the fastest; that would be silly and pointless. Drinking games are about who can drink the most the fastest...and then perform competitive dexterous feats. This past weekend, the Irish Rover hosted a flip-cup competition that was a benefit for the Denver Harlequins, a local rugby club sponsored by the Rover, with a $1,000 prize for the competitor with the fastest fingers this side of the Platte. Experience the night's excitement vicariously through our photo/video recap of the event. Competitors who lived everywhere from Stapleton to Englewood gathered on the upstairs back patio of the Irish Rover, the most spirited dressed in matching team attire, to battle across two pools for flip-cup supremacy. Team names ranged from patriotic ("US of A") to topical ("Flip This") to borderline inappropriate ("My Dixie Wrecked") but all the challengers had a common goal: to collect a whole lotta money and some gold spray-painted Solo Cups.

The competition began in a light-hearted fashion, but with $125 entry fees per team (reduced to $100 for teams with three or more females) and so much alcohol flowing, the intensity gradually increased as the true contenders separated themselves from the rest of the teams.

After all the teams from both pools battled each other in best-two-out-of-three matches, the top two groups from each advanced to the semi-final round. First, Four and a Half Men defeated My Dixie Wrecked to advance to the finals, where they would face off against Flip This, which defeated More For Us in their semifinal round. After an exciting finale that came down to the last cup, Four and a Half Men emerged victorious, and spent some time soaking in the limelight before eventually descending the stairs back into the Rover and blending back in with the rest of the patrons, like some cup-flipping chameleons. If you missed the flip-cup festivities, don't fret! The Harlequins have tentative plans to bring the event back next year.

And if you can't wait that long, the seventh annual Flipcup'alooza Tournament & Block Party will kick off this Saturday, August 11 at 6 p.m. (5 p.m. to register) at Fado's Irish Pub. The cost of entry is $175 per team (co-ed only) and $20 per spectator. First, second and third prizes are $750, $500 and $300 bar/food tabs respectively, trophies and floatie beer pong tables, as well as some fun booby prizes. There will also be music by DJ Escal8 and rock-cover band Nevermind the 90s.

The Harlequins' season kicks off August 25 at Cook Park with a match against the Caspar Cannibals for the Division 3 team, September 1 at Infinity Park against Glendale RFC for the Division 2 team.

Page down for more photos and videos of the event.

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Noah Hubbell