A French-Canadian weatherman stars in your moment of schadenfreude

There's something about French people that's just irritating. Over there up on their high horse in France or possibly Canada, putting on airs with their snooty "art" and "culture." Even their weathermen are insufferable. Take the guy at right, for example, with his neatly trimmed George Micheal scruff, his eyes squinted and his chin lifted as if to say, "I am talking about rain, but in reality I harbor nothing but contempt for both precipitation and your preposterous values." And that's why, even though his misfortune is pretty harsh, we can all have a good chuckle at it.

Probably the best thing about the video is the startling variety of mood swings we experience within the short span of its 12-second run time. First, there's the pleasing shots of rain and nature foliage, which, coupled with the soft sound of the French language -- and as snooty as the people who speak it are, it really is a beautiful language to listen to -- lends a soothing effect. Then the weatherman appears, his positioning somehow too low in the frame, his affect one of offense. Tension builds.

But we don't have to wait long for the payoff. We're not going to say this guy deserves it. We're sure he's a very nice guy. On the other hand, he is French.

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