A guide to the vendors on the 16th Street Mall

In honor of the 16th Street Mall's 30th anniversary we've compiled many lists commemorating its current middle age. The mall has a lot to offer, from food to fashion, but not all of them are indoors: Enter the mall's various cuisine and merchandise vendors. These diminutive businesses can sometimes be overshadowed by their stationary counterparts, but they can still pack a big punch. Below is a list of all the current street vendors on the 16th Street Mall.

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Body Jewelz Location: 600 block near Welton Street As the name suggests, Body Jewelz offers up affordable "jewels" for different areas of your body. "We sell earrings, stud rings, tongue rings -- all the body rings," says Jewelz employee Khazi Azatullah. Body Massage Wellness Spa Location: 600 block near Welton Street In addition to massages, you can purchase lotions and receive pedicures. Borus' Hot Dog Stand Location: 700 block near California Street All the traditional hot dog ingredients can be found here for shoppers on the go. Casa Cuba Location: 1,000 block near Arapahoe Street Here you can find authentic Cuban food, such as spicy pork sandwiches. But don't hesitate to call for special occasions; Casa Cuba also caters.

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