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A guide to the vendors on the 16th Street Mall

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In honor of the 16th Street Mall's 30th anniversary we've compiled many lists commemorating its current middle age. The mall has a lot to offer, from food to fashion, but not all of them are indoors: Enter the mall's various cuisine and merchandise vendors. These diminutive businesses can sometimes be overshadowed by their stationary counterparts, but they can still pack a big punch. Below is a list of all the current street vendors on the 16th Street Mall.

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Body Jewelz Location: 600 block near Welton Street As the name suggests, Body Jewelz offers up affordable "jewels" for different areas of your body. "We sell earrings, stud rings, tongue rings -- all the body rings," says Jewelz employee Khazi Azatullah. Body Massage Wellness Spa Location: 600 block near Welton Street In addition to massages, you can purchase lotions and receive pedicures. Borus' Hot Dog Stand Location: 700 block near California Street All the traditional hot dog ingredients can be found here for shoppers on the go. Casa Cuba Location: 1,000 block near Arapahoe Street Here you can find authentic Cuban food, such as spicy pork sandwiches. But don't hesitate to call for special occasions; Casa Cuba also caters. Climax Jerky Location: 700 block near Stout Street Climax sells virtually ever kind of jerky imaginable. Some of its most exotic meats include turkey, salmon and wild boar. Colorado iCandy Location: 600 block near California Street One of the mall's newest vendors, iCandy sells an array of rainbow-colored lollipops as well as chocolate and wax candy lips. Doc Popcorn Location: 1,100 block near Arapahoe Street This is where you find popcorn on steroids. Aside from the traditional butter and salt flavors, Doc Popcorn offers more progressive seasonings like cinnamon and jalapeno. Donut Maker Location: 600 block near California Street If you've never had a pumpkin or cookies-and-cream doughnut before, this is the place to go. Gigi's Cupcakes Location: 1,000 block near Curtis Street Recent Gigi's menu items include blackberry cobbler, Kentucky Bourbon and wedding cake. Jestibo, LLC Location: 700 block near Stout Street As Jestibo employee Rami Merheb puts it, "Anything that's required for the phone, we have it." With a variety of rhinestone (and rhinestone-free) iPhone covers, Jestibo is your one-stop shop for accessorizing your cellular. Liang"s Thai Food Location: 400 block near Tremont Street This is one of the more popular food carts on the Mall. The wait can be long at times, but the food it worth it. *LoL* Caricature Location: 500 block near Glenarm Place This business features award-winning artists who do digital and hand-drawn caricatures. NYS Collection Location: 700 block near California Street The 16th Street Mall wouldn't be complete without an affordable sunglass kiosk. Most models go for around $25 but some can creep near $100. Philadelphia Filly Location: 100 block near Cleveland Street This Denver staple has been slanging cheesesteaks at the Mall since 1996. Owner Dale Goin says if regular cheesesteaks aren't your thing, they "have a turkey version of the cheesesteak which is also really good." Scuffs Location: 300 block near Tremont Street Scuffs has a twelve-step shoeshine treatment that keeps its customers coming back. The flat-screen TVs, iPad and plush leather chairs in their cabana-style kiosk certainly don't hurt, either. Shondiz Location: 400 block near Glenarm Place While the employees serve breakfast burritos in the morning, "you can still purchase them all day," says Shondiz staffer Mohammad Esmaeili. This might be true, but the Mediterranean food offered during lunch is hard to pass up. Slyderman Location: 800 block near Stout Street Slyderman employee Brian Alcorn says the company "does all homeade and health-made food. Everything is made from scratch." This includes its crab cake and pulled pork sliders. Spice India Location: 1,300 block near Market Street This is one place to seek out authentic Indian cuisine. It's also open for breakfast. A Taste of the Philippines Location: 900 block near Champa Street This well-run pushcart is all about staying true to its roots. Chicken adobo, pancit and bistek Tagalog are some of the cart's more traditional entrees. TLC Food Co. Location: 1,300 block near Market Street Greek food, fast food, hot dogs and sandwiches -- TLC has it all. Wystone's Location: 500 block near Glenarm Place Hot and cold, dark or light, you'll likely find something here to satisfy your inner tea craving. Wystone's also serves lunch items and snacks.

For more photos, visit our slide show of vendors on the 16th Street Mall.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.