A guide to the vendors on the 16th Street Mall

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Shondiz Location: 400 block near Glenarm Place While the employees serve breakfast burritos in the morning, "you can still purchase them all day," says Shondiz staffer Mohammad Esmaeili. This might be true, but the Mediterranean food offered during lunch is hard to pass up. Slyderman Location: 800 block near Stout Street Slyderman employee Brian Alcorn says the company "does all homeade and health-made food. Everything is made from scratch." This includes its crab cake and pulled pork sliders. Spice India Location: 1,300 block near Market Street This is one place to seek out authentic Indian cuisine. It's also open for breakfast. A Taste of the Philippines Location: 900 block near Champa Street This well-run pushcart is all about staying true to its roots. Chicken adobo, pancit and bistek Tagalog are some of the cart's more traditional entrees. TLC Food Co. Location: 1,300 block near Market Street Greek food, fast food, hot dogs and sandwiches -- TLC has it all. Wystone's Location: 500 block near Glenarm Place Hot and cold, dark or light, you'll likely find something here to satisfy your inner tea craving. Wystone's also serves lunch items and snacks.

For more photos, visit our slide show of vendors on the 16th Street Mall.

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