A guy in a jet-pack stars in your moment of schadenfreude

It's an old cliche that Americans were promised things like flying cars, jet-packs and dehydrated ice cream in the new millennium, and gosh dang it, we only got the one. And even worse, it turns out regular ice cream is better. Well, rest easy, because we're making progress, it seems. The good news is, we're getting pretty close on the jet-packs. The bad news, as this video proves, is that we're not quite there yet.

Sure, the last two thirds of the video or so are just replays, but it does get pretty awesome when Aerosmith's "Don't Want to Miss a Thing" comes on and they play it in slow motion. Luckily, the guy appears unhurt, probably because he followed the wisdom of The Rocketeer and wore a helmet, although if he had really been paying attention, his helmet would have a fin on it. Not that it would have helped either way.

But aside from the lulz, there's at least one thing we can take from this: Water bottles are far to benign make good jet-pack material. Next time, we recommend something atomic.

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Jef Otte
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