A guy trying to jump into a pool stars in your moment of schadenfreude

In the course of his adolescence, it's a scientific fact that the average human male will do approximately 1,212,035 stupid things to impress women, approximately 1,212,032 of which will fail to impress anyone. Now, jumping into a pool isn't necessarily a stupid thing. It's when the overcompensation of an attempt to impress women with an otherwise benign act gets factored in, that's when it gets stupid -- as it does when this guy somehow manages to utterly bungle a seemingly innocuous attempt to jump into a pool.

We're not even going to get into why this guy is wearing his shoes while jumping into a pool, other than to assume it is yet another confusing facet of his none-too-clever plan to impress the girls looking on while they soak their feet. Nor will we speculate in depth upon the why of this scenario: Exactly what was this guy trying to accomplish here?

What we will do is point out the sad irony here: In this misguided attempt to impress women, this man not only lost any chance with either of them, but possibly any chance to ever breed at all. If only the quick-witted survive, then this stunt gone terribly awry is an excellent example of natural selection at work.

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