A guy with nunchucks and a skateboard stars in your moment of schadenfreude

Rule one: If you are not a mutant, anthropomorphic turtle named after a figure of renaissance art, you should probably just not play with nunchucks. Rule two: If you are still bent on playing with nunchucks, make sure there is not a skateboard lying around while you do it. And if you fail to observe these two simple rules for avoiding hilarious personal injury, then do not be surprised, my friend, when you become an object of the rest of the world's schadenfreude.

Really, the only thing missing from this video is marbles, a roller skate, a rock-filled boxing glove and this guy's hair somehow getting lit on fire to make it more or less an outtake from Home Alone 17: The sequel number that matches Macaulay Culkin's Age. But don't give up on this video right after he trips and falls on the skateboard. Just wait for it.

Wait for it...

Normally, kicking your buddy in the balls while his balls are already injured would be pretty ruthless -- in this case, it's almost required.

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Jef Otte
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