A hapless animal shelter worker stars in your moment of lulz

There are many things that are hilarious about cats, but probably chief among them is the juxtaposition between their cuteness and their evilness. Because they are evil. They might appear to like you -- sometimes -- and they might be nice to you -- once in a while -- but underneath that adorable exterior is a cold, black heart that beats only for vengeance; if they could, and if they thought it was in their own self interest, they would destroy you without a second thought. They are predators, and they do not care about you. And they are definitely not "loving."

Calling Pinky "a very loving cat" was just this poor sap's first mistake -- underestimating Pinky would be his undoing. Because cats are first and foremost self-interested, their evilness in pretty benign as long as they sense you have the upper hand; with this ineffectual pack of boobs, though, Pinky's victory was clearly imminent.

And nobody puts Pinky in a box. Nobody.

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