A hit and run gone awry stars in your moment of schadenfreude

The hit-and-run: It's one of the harshest moves you can pull on somebody, and it's one of the easiest to justify -- you don't know the guy you hit, after all, and in all honestly, you're probably going to get away with it. And so while it's always fun to have a good chuckle at the misfortune of others, it's even more satisfying when the misfortune in question is fully earned, as is the case with this clown who tries to pull the most epic hit-and-run ever and completely botches the job. Let's take a look.

It's no accident this video popped up on several sites devoted to catching failure on video yesterday -- it's pretty priceless. Watch it twice and note the location of the car at the beginning of the video, which is about 25 feet away. The most baffling thing about it is that the car is not even moving initially -- it comes from a full stop directly into the car it hits.

And then there's the driver's apparent ineptitude at driving in a straight line. Of course, that apparent inability is a pretty good indication that there is clearly something wrong with either the car or the driver, and that's unfortunate -- but the driver's refusal to give up when he (or she) is obviously beaten is what makes this moment truly your moment of schadenfreude.

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