A man falling slowly up an escalator stars in your moment of lulz

Technology can be confounding. I mean, it's like you've gotta be a rocket scientist just to program your VCR, amiright? In all seriousness, though, when it requires five remote controls with some twenty buttons apiece to operate the television, when half the things you own somehow serve the function of other things, when even your phone comes accompanied by a dictionary-sized instruction manual, many things in this age would seem to subvert the old adage "you have to be smarter than the [insert inanimate object here], because those things are now smarter than you. On the other hand, escalators do not normally fall into that category.

But the escalator was not the only technology conspiring against this hapless rube that ridiculous day; it's certain than if there was one bit of relief for him right then, it was that at least nobody else was watching him get owned -- but he was wrong. Big Brother was. And what Big Brother sees always somehow ends up on the internets, because you can no longer do anything dumb without having it broadcast to an audience of millions.

So thanks, internets. Thanks for the schadenfreude. Thanks, at least, until you turn against us.

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Jef Otte
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