A perfect zombie day in Denver -- unlive it up tomorrow!

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Getting up in time to make the 9 a.m. start of the Organ Trail adventure race is likely to leave you feeling like death warmed over, but that should only help you get in character. It's too late to preregister, so if you didn't already take care of that, just show up at Skyline Park with your zombie pals as a team and hope for the best. You'll get some clues, solve some zombie-themed challenges, and run around town causing onlookers to wonder why the hell your head is bleeding like that and how you're still alive with all your guts hanging out. Fun!

Once the race is over and you grabbed a bite to eat -- maybe some brains, for authenticity's sake? -- head back to Skyline for the start of the Zombie Crawl. Things kick off proper at 2 p.m. (get there at noon if you need some help with your makeup). The Widow's Bane plays at 3 p.m., the obligatory "Thriller" dance happens at 3:55 p.m., then it's off to terrorize the mall starting at 4 p.m. Keep going until you're dead tired, or until someone shoots you in the head. There's a costume contest at 5:30 p.m. in Skyline Park, too.

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