A Pirate's Life for Me

Strap on your cutlass, grab your buccaneers and prepare to plunder: Today is BrethrenCon, Denver’s first-ever pirate convention. The one-day event is a celebration of all things piratey, with vendors, workshops, food and even a zombie-pirate themed dance to end the evening.

“We have six hours of classes based on some fun, whimsical stuff and some historical, authentic stuff, everything from what did pirates eat to what ‘life on the account’ was really like — ‘life on the account’ being a euphemism for being a pirate,” explains organizer Simon Page. “Because our Buccaneer Bash is themed as undead pirates, we have a zombie defense tactics [class], which is basically just a reason to pick up foam swords and hit each other with them.”

There are also costume contests, talk-like-a-pirate contests (the following day is Talk Like a Pirate Day, so it’s great practice), a Liar’s Dice tournament, fundraisers to benefit the Gulf Coast oil cleanup and more. It happens today from noon to midnight at the Denver Airport Marriott at Gateway Park, 16455 East 40th Circle in Aurora. Tickets are $25 and include a lavish “Captain’s Feast” if you pre-register, but it’s $30 at the door and you won’t get the meal. For more information, including a full schedule, and to buy tickets, visit www.brethrencon.com.
Sat., Sept. 18, noon-midnight, 2010

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