A shockingly horrible object appears above Coors Field

It was hard to spot at first, right before the Rockies game near Coors field at about 12:30 p.m. yesterday, but if you took a closer look, there it was: a horrible, horrible object in the skyward vicinity of downtown. As throngs of fans filed into the stadium near the corner of 20th and Blake Streets, a small crowd gathere. Some saw it and gasped in apprehension, some simply hung around for a moment, wondered aloud what it was and moved on. But for those who spotted it, brix were shat. JK: There wasn't anything in the sky. It was all a semi-elaborate ruse on the part of the Denver Flash Mob, the consortium of pranksters who also brought you the Black Friday Flash Mob and Dance Party and the No-Pants Light-Rail Ride. At the pre-ordained hour, a crowd of about fifteen or twenty people (including my eight-year-old kid, who initially thought it was funny but quickly grew bored and wanted a hot dog) gathered to point into the sky and gasp about nothing in particular. And to some extent, it worked -- with every wave of foot traffic across 20th Street, at least a few people stopped to look in the direction the mob was looking in and try to figure out what it was.

But with this kind of thing, it's always the bigger the better, and here's hoping more people get involved. Keep up with what the mob is doing on Facebook or the group's website. Next up: A Foursquare Epic Storm on May 14.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.