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A sneak peek of New Belgium's Clips of Faith film fest, beer not included

New Belgium's Clips of Faith -- a free, outdoor film and brew fest -- reels into Boulder tonight for the third year running. We think the chance to lounge on a picnic blanket, drinking in the fresh (albeit smoky) air as well as rare selections from New Belgium's line of "esoteric" beers, is reason enough to go. But the videos, submitted by amateur filmmakers, are the real attraction. Here's a peek at some favorites from the judging panel, all of which are part of the Faith-fest's fourteen-city tour.

"Unstoppable," by Foxy Shazam, aka Jeremy E. Jackson Say the judges: Selected in the category of "whimsey," this film is goofy and fun. Also, the film is entirely created with old-school theater trickery, puppeteering and black light.

"JP Auclair Street," segment from All.I.Can, by Malcom Sangster Say the judges: Selected in the category of "adventure," this is the most creative and fun ski segment ever created. Enough said.

"The Canning Queen of the Desert: Classie Parker," by Pascal Perich/Etsy Say the judges: Selected in the category of "sustainability," this film focuses on a woman in NY who turns abandoned weed-covered land lots into beautiful gardens. She then holds community classes on how to can fresh food for the winter from the food in these gardens. Urban gardening at its best. 

"Clips of Faith" kicks off at 8 p.m. tonight at the Twenty Ninth Street mall.

Bring your own food but come ready to drink -- and know it's for a good cause: Proceeds of beer tastings benefit Community Cycles.

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