A Talulah Jones 24 Days of Christmas: Days Seventeen, Eighteen and Nineteen

We're all hearing a lot of talk this holiday season about shopping local and what it means to a community. But Talulah Jones shop owner Robin Lohre is doing more than that: Beginning December 1, Lohre will host a reception showcasing a different local artisan every night through Christmas Eve. Check Show and Tell daily to see who's on the night's roster.

A co-founder of the Sweet William flea in Stapleton and a dedicated mom, Lizzie Kienast is also a fanciful artist, whose decorative work is a personal favorite of Robin Lohre's. That's because Kienast's beautiful little canvasses literally bring the garden into the house with their floral themes and natural flow: just the thing for the long, dreary winter.

Pearl Clothing, the growing concern of recycling style queen Kirsten Coplans, is ripe with wearable gems: vintage sweaters and skirts remade with new cuts, rick-rack trim, big buttons, stitched decorations and other whimsical ornamentation. It's an enormously popular line, and every piece is one-of-a-kind.

Kyle and Andrea Kilness, the brother/sister team that is Planet Ogie, create creatures with a penchant for the garden: Each Planet Ogie plush has a name and a personality, but they all also come bearing Magic Ogie Beans to plant, a la "Jack and the Beanstalk." Still better, the Kilnesses donate a portion of every sale toward a Kids Dig Earth Program providing garden starter kits to inner city schoolkids. Talk about renewable energy!

Meet Lizzie Kienast tonight from 5 to 7:30 p.m. at Talulah Jones, 1122 East 17th Avenue; Kirsten Coplans unveils a fresh crop of Pearl Clothing tomorrow (December 18) at the same time, and you can land on Planet Ogie Sunday (December 19) from 3 to 5:30 p.m. Visit Talulah Online or or the Talulah Jones Facebook page, or call 303-832-1230 for details.

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