A “Wilde” Night

Slide Show!

Wilde Dancebar and Lounge celebrated its “soft opening” last week, and with two floors, two bars and lots of dark corners perfect for dark deeds, owner John Costelloe seems to hold the key to Denver’s newest, gay hotspot. The boyz were pretty, the girlz were sassy, and the cute bartenders’ drink specials left me with enough cash at the end of the night to give my much appreciated cab driver a big, fat tip.

Last Friday’s Wilde crowd was a nice mix of ages and genders and styles. Though a person could find everything from blue jeans and t-shirts to neckties and jackets on the backs of Wilde’s patrons, the latter look seemed a better fit for the bar’s ambiance that night.

Named for Oscar Wilde, I saw lots and lots of potential for Wilde Dancebar and Lounge to fill a niche in Denver’s alternative scene. It’s going to be dark. It’s going to be glam. It’s going to be stylish. And, most refreshingly, I think it’s going to be different.

So “Fags,” grab your “Hags” and go Wilde!

-- Steve Burge

Wilde Dancebar & Lounge can be found at 2157 Downing Street and will introduce a food menu next week. Until then, enjoy a few drink specials while DJ Iron Feather spins chill, lounge tunes this Friday in the Living Room at 4 pm, followed by DJ Chaotic on the dance floor at 10 pm. Happy Hour: 7 days a week from 4 – 8 pm. For more information, call 303.860.WILDE.

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