Adam Stone's Screw Tooth will share space, projects with Buntport

Musician and multi-media artist Adam Stone has worked with Buntport Theater Company on four pieces over the last three years. He composed songs for three musicals, all of them among the company's most exciting works: Seal. Stamp. Send. Bang, which gave hilarious new meaning to the term going postal; Jugged Rabbit Stew, about an evil magician's rabbit; and Sweet Tooth, in which a wealthy recluse created a reality entirely her own. His contribution to the brilliant Wake: A Corruption of The Tempest by William Shakespeare, was a haunting and evocative soundscape, and he also played an enigmatic Ariel.

Now he has come up with a new theater-based company called Screw Tooth, and Buntport has announced that the two companies will share Buntport's current performing space at 717 Lipan Street. See also: - Wake's take on The Tempest is suggestive and evocative - Buntport creates a hare-raising musical with Jugged Rabbit Stew - Buntport's dazzling Sweet Tooth hits the spot

Starting in August, Screw Tooth will alternate program slots with Buntport; the companies will also collaborate on productions.

"The rawness and accessibility of a concert is essential to (Stone's) style of theater," Buntport said in announcing the project. "Screw Tooth will debut new productions, developed through an ever-fluid, collaborative process that explores the very methods of creation. The company will also showcase a few short-lived art mash-up events, devised through collaborations with dancers, actors, visual/video artists, musicians, tinkerers-in-their-spare-time and on."

"People often say that they never know what to expect when they come to a Buntport show," says company member Erin Rollman. "I know that they will feel the same way about Screw Tooth."

Buntport has its own completely unique style of boundary-breaking exploration, and Rollman calls Stone a kindred spirit. So we're thinking this is a match made in a playful lunatic heaven.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.